tom cruise

tom cruise’s most impressive performances for me:

War Of The Worlds (yes, war of the worlds, he played a dad i identify with, perfectly)
Born On The Fourth of July
Jerry McGuire
Rain Man
The Last Samurai
Vanilla Sky
Risky Business
Minority Report
The Firm
Tropic Thunder

Tom Cruise can never escape being Tom Cruise. At best, he’ll be Tom Cruise playing some guy, but usually he’s just Tom Cruise.

Mission Impossible, Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, and Anne Rice’s Interview With A Vampire movie was his best performances in my opinion but that guy is definitely laughing to the bank for sure where criticisms of himself goes on deaf ears.

I have to agree with this, he is just not capable of becoming someone else as so many great entertainers can. he may be laughing to the bank but, who cares if you are not that great then you are not that great.

I absolutely loved Vanilla Sky.
I know most people think the original (abre los ojos) is much better but I love the remake and thought the original was ok at best.

Regarding Tom Cruise himself, despite the crazy shit he’s involved in, he seems to be a really cool guy. Really genuine.

I dare you to watch the following interview and not die laughing. He tells a very funny story. The title of the video is retarded though.


Nobody mentioned A Few Good Men?