too much god

generally speaking we spend too much time talking about god and not enough time doing something about our problems here on earth…god is not going to solve our problems on earth…

That’s a broad sweeping statement. I’m inclined to give you arguments from Edmund Burke and Plato if your not able to back it up. I don’t want to misinterpret what you say and miss the point completely though. So can you give an argument for this idea? :confused:

it is just an idea for discussion…we should be thinking ghandi instead of god…if we wait for god to do it…it wont be done…praying to god may be the only thing you do… i am referring to the judeo-christian god…

I agree, but in order to convince people of that, you gotta talk about God.

I think you’re absolutely right. The book of Job makes exactly that point:

In his ordeal we expect Job to be troubled about God, and to be in need of consoling talk about God. In his suffering Job is asking “where is God?” (and we are compelled to ask the same…)

But in truth he is asking “what is humankind?” His lamentable condition convinces him of humanity’s failure and insignificance, not God’s.

Neither are we.

Aliens appear to be our last hope. ET where are you?

but saint cant we solve some problems, certainly not 100%…and maybe solution means balancing forces.

:-k So you start a discussion topic about God.

yes phyllo… and you add a post to the thread…

Discussing God is okay with me. :smiley:

He started a discussion on attending to our problems instead of discussing God.

Homo sapien has spent 10,000 years “solving problems”.
Homo sapien has spent 10,000 years “being the problem to solve”.

In [size=150]10,000[/size] years, no one has seen God.
In [size=150]10,000[/size] years, no one has seen that balance.

Isn’t it just as likely that the balance will not be seen as it is that God will not be seen?
Hasn’t it occurred to you as it has to others that they are the same thing?
What would be Holy about a Spirit if it wasn’t that very “balance of forces”.

If you are not seeking God, that balance, you are not addressing the problem but rather being the problem.
So what is the likelihood of, after 10,000 years, homo sapien is going to find it before he becomes more of a problem than even it can resolve?

No he didn’t. He started a discussion titled ‘too much god’ in the Religion section. He could have easily started a thread in another section dealing with a specific problem. If you don’t want to talk about God then don’t use the word and stay out of the area where that word is god.

And what, you have never worded or placed something in a less than perfect manner?
We can’t give grace to action for sake of intent?
Let he who has no sin be the first to cast a stone.

Or are you merely Jewish?

I didn’t cast a stone, I flicked a pebble into his hair. :smiley:
His post is ironic.

Whatever that means. :banana-dance:

I think there are four major causes of problems facing mankind, natural disasters, religion, politics and evil. The last three are man made problems, and if we could sit down and come up with a realistic workable definition of evil and morality, the only problem we’d be left with is nature. But because there would be wealthy people in Utopia, there will always be people driven by envy to take from the wealthy through evil means. :evilfun:

And how do we define morality without philosophical discussion, where God inevitably comes up? And we need morality to define our politics.

Good points.


why cant we have morality without god…how about the golden rule…

To have morality, there must be authority.
For there to be authority, there must be authority already.
That is how they got to “God” in the first place.