Top 5 Musical artists

It amazes me how many people try to put the hate on Yngwie.

The man can play ANY instrument. His theory is flawless. He can crush your ears with speed, make you weep with his acoustic, and … wait for it … … … … … he actually writes symphonic pieces.

Haters crack me up.

I used to really like him, and I still occassionally listen to his music when I work out. But, there are many people who can play many instruments, many people with flawless theory, many people faster than Yngwie, and many people that can write symphonic pieces.

He has stylistic issues. I understand the heavy classical influence and training, but all of his solos and fills sound similar. His training limits his imagination, I think. And he opens 80% of the songs on the album I own with a distortion string slide. And when playing live he takes out a lot of fills and puts in those guitar throws around his body. And he really needs to stop wearing leather pants. That’s all I’m saying.

I like him, he’s just overrated.

Sure you can find someone who can play any instrument.

You can find a person with flawless music theory knowledge and application.

You can find a person of incredible speed.

You can find a person who writes symphonic pieces.

Now try finding a person who does all, all the time. There’s Yngwie … well, and Prince … or whatever name he is using today.

I can only name two that are within my realm of knowledge, neither of whom can be defined under the term “overrated”.

No comment on the leather pants. :-&

Heh, good stance :slight_smile:

On how many instruments are Prince and Yngwie a virtuoso?

I mean, Geddy Lee can play multiple instruments, though he’s best at the bass. He’s very fast and writes incredibly complex, melodic pieces. And he plays while singing…I know Yngwie sings and plays too, but I don’t know if he does much more than chords while playing, whereas Geddy has the insane bass lines he has to deliver.

Alex Lifeson, also from Rush, is a musical genius and a sick guitarist, though I think he’s more content to write pure bluesy rock music and doesn’t really stray from the guitar too much.

Steve Vai is, in my opinion, a better, faster guitarist than Yngwie. And he plays multiple instruments, and can cover a wide variety of musical styles.

I’m sure we could add others.

Prince: 36
Yngwie: 32

Pure technical prowess for either, throughout the instruments.

Both sing through rhythm and lead, continually. Bass is a much more limited instrument, and unless we are talking a fretless bass, as played by Tony Franklin, I’m not impressed.

Melodic pieces and symphonic pieces are quite different, especially in complexity. Ask anyone knowledgeable about theory. Apples and oranges. I can write a melodic piece, with multiple harmonies, in the matter of day. I couldn’t write a symphonic piece to save my narrow ass. Certifying, firmly, my musical ability sucks.

I would never discredit Vai, very top notch player. But, he does not have Yngwie’s speed, and he is more of a niche player than even Yngwie. Vai plays 8 instruments with certifiable technical ability, (Same with Marty Friedman). Vai has one style, his own. Satch is the more versatile of the two.

Billy Sheehan and Brad Gillis are both masters of eight finger tapping and sweeps … but gimmicks don’t make the player. Neither of them can write worth a shit, hence, their quick descent from stardom.

Symphonic doesn’t always mean for a symphony, is that what you mean? I was talking just in terms of harmony.

You’ve obviously never seen Geddy play bass…he’s an innovator. And he can play fretless.

How do you figure Yngwie is faster than Steve Vai? Maybe in playing classically influenced arpeggios he is, but Steve can do ridiculous sweep picking and his tapping is much better than Yngwie’s.

I’m not saying that he’s not incredible. I would give my left nut via smashing from a sledgehammer for a quarter of his talent, but he’s overrated. His combination of talents makes him a rarity, but that doesn’t make him better at any one thing than anyone else. As a guitarist, he’s probably the best at what he does, but the same violin-inspired licks get old after a while. And there are many guitarists better and more imaginative than him.

“symphonic” is the adjectival tense of the word symphony; a complex arrangement of harmonies usually played in three segments or movements.

I’ve seen Geddy play live. He still plays bass, and only once do I remember him playing fretless, which was adequate. He is a normal music professional.

Other than tapping, Vai is not a speed match for Yngwie. Especially in sweep arpeggios or straight runs, Malmsteen virtually wrote the book on those, at the age of 17.

They are both narrow niche players, I just happen to prefer Malmsteen’s niche, from a technical perspective.

In no order-

Mahavishnu Orchestra
Frank Zappa
Return to Forever
John Coltrane
Weather Report

I think Malmsteen is pretty one-dimensional, just a hair away from Battio. I don’t hate him, however.
Prince is no virtuoso. As far as guitarists go, I’d put Holdsworth, Dimeola, Vai, Zappa, Scott Henderson, Buckethead and Danny Gatton at the top of the list…just behind the greatest- Shawn Lane.

I can’t stand Battio … I’ve only seen him live twice, and both times he spent more time talking about himself than actually playing …

I’ve already admitted that Malmsteen is a niche player, although his capabilities far exceed that limitation.

Apparently you’ve never seen Prince live, his range is quite impressive.

Buckethead would be interesting if not for the unnecessary freakish display.

Yeah, he’s a freak. But a good freak.

Geddy isn’t as good at fretless, to paraphrase, he said, “I finally figured out how to play a fretless bass. The trick is to play so fast that no one notices you’re out of tune.” But the song on their recent album, Malignant Narcissism is an awesome bass piece, especially considering it was just him dicking around on a fretless. It was just a random jam piece they threw in and it’s amazing.

These are covers just so you can see the technicallity of the bass playing. Note Geddy doesn’t use a 6 string, which I would think makes it harder on him. … re=related … re=related

Now tell me that’s limited.

He’s way beyond a professional.

90% in the box playing, nothing overly difficult. Especially for a professional musician. Might even be considered a bit lackluster.

Oh please. Rush is one of the hardest bands to cover. Dream Theater can, but their bassist doesn’t live up to Geddy.

Oh, that reminds me. John Petrucci is an obvious guitarist I forgot.

No apologies, as far as complexity, I just fail to be impressed.

Noticeable difference, and further, hellish technical ability.

Sarabande - acoustic

Allegro Adagio

Of course, it may require that one is enamored of classical.

Holdsworth is pretty amazing- I recall Eddie Van Halen calling “I.O.U.” the greatest guitart album of all time. Amazing though he is as a player, that’s the only album of his that I really love.

Vai is one I could never stand. He’s a hack, all tricks and no soul. He’s just a watered down version of the Satch, some of the noises but none of the heart or inspiration. Frankly, Vai simply bores me. He was good in Crossroads, though. :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, I’ve seen them. Like I said, I am a fan. It’s just not that impressive.

However, as long as we’re talking about abilities matched by professionals, have you noticed the entire orchestra playing with him note for note?

Also, I hope for the sake of your argument the mics just couldn’t pick up the harmonic he hit as the last note of his finale, because that would be a horrible note to miss. From the video it sounds like he missed it, though.

The orchestra in those sequences is completel unknown to me, director and all … but you are spot on, their playing is flawless, even dealing with Yngwie’s sudden improvisational bursts. Very talented group.

My only argument with Yngwie ever, has been his instrument and sound selections. Fender/Marshall was the pinnacle in the 60’s and 70’s up til the early 80’s … then they weren’t shit any longer.

Gibson/Ibanez have much hotter pickups, better all around electronics … and well, Mesa Boogie … come on … Marshall who?

If you’ve ever heard him live, that harmonic fall off is a constant problem … it could be him, but I find his poor choice of equipment is more likely the culprit.

Check out his Fender 2007 debut cut on youtube … you’ll see what I mean … has to be the worst sound ever … and Fender still allowed it to go out.

Ah, that could be. The promo is definitely equipment problems. That sucked.

I was always impressed that he was so fast on a Fender (perhaps the scalloped frets help that), but confused why he stayed with them. I guess he likes the…hard to explain…vocal sound of the Stratocaster.

I’m not very good with equipment, but I love the sound of a good Marshall amp. Maybe not for what he’s doing, but if you want a really rich metal distortion you can’t really beat it. That said, tomorrow I’m probably going to go buy a distortion pedal with a gift card to Guitar Center I got for Christmas :laughing: I’m poor, can’t afford a good amp :cry:

Lies, yes you can afford a great amp.

Line6 makes a premium modelling amp at more than reasonable prices, and almost all guitar shops worth their salt, will work to make a musician happy, including layaway. (I bought the SpiderIII, 2X10, with full modelling and effects variable delay, tape echo, chorus flange, sweep echo, tremolo, phase chorus, 14 distortion models for around 470 USD … it’s more than I can use in my neighborhood … constant level 3 volume … ::sigh::). Check around, I’m sure you could buy into one, even slowly.

We’ll see. It’s only a $35 gift card, lol. I’ll have a job in about 4 months, so I’ll probably buy a guitar and amp then, but for the time being it would be nice to have a pedal.

Also, I’ve heard cheap digital effects can have issues at higher volumes, so I was kind of hoping to get into getting a board with multiple pedals instead of a big digital processor. How’s the sound at higher volumes for you?

The very few times I’ve been able to get above 3 on the Master volume, the sound has only improved.

As stated, Line6 has made the most flawless modelling amp for non-professionals that I have ever seen … and strangely, a number of professionals like to use it for their studio creations … works well with an MR8, as well.

There’s a little trick to the amp, for distortion lovers … using the tap set button for the delay, hold it down, and quickly take the drive knob and flip it down/back up … “super overdrive distortion” … gives me a chubby at high volume. It’s like a deep throated chainsaw sound … truly inspiring. The only thing that I have noticed that had issues at increased volume was the tremolo effect … which I never use anyways. Tape echo, sweep echo and delay are flawless, regardless the volume, the phaser and flange are niche effects and only used very sparingly by me.

Not to mention the cabinet effects button … which has 200 different models in memory, everything from Vai and Angus Young to a bunch of jazz players I have never heard of … best amp ever, bar none.