$$$$$$$$$$$$$ & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I’m pretty much, well, sick of it.

The idea that money is behind almost everybody’s motivation depresses me something deep. It angers me something awful. And I practically want to just shoot my brains out over it (But I wont). But nevermind that.


Mark Twain wrote an essay called Corn Pone Opinions. I highly recommend it. Briefly, it states, that “no man can afford any opinion that has a negative affect on his bread and butter.”


This green paper that eveyone agrees holds value, I wonder what it would take to totally debase it.

That’s our word for the day, all you good boy’s and girls, Debase

Anyway, what’s your world view on this precious little dollar?


That video Rocks. Seriously rocks.


Recently I read an article on the net about a guy that decided to drop out of the grid as some people call it. The man is fifty but did not seem to have many assets before he developed his plan. He moved to a camp ground that has minimal rent, so he works odd jobs to pay the rent and buy food. His expenses amount to very little and his location and income are untraceable.

The only dilemma that I see relates to healthcare. A person can go to the hospital in the USA under emergency conditions, but I don’t know about dental.

How is that managed, anyone know?

Kev, you may want to consider roughing it for a bit and get away from the large money decisions. You are probably young and healthy and this kind of plan could be quite an adventure.

What say you.

you know, I just may “check out” of society at some point. Right now i’m dealing with information overload, whether it be from tv, the net, or the radio. too many competing voices just screaming for our attention. I admire anyone who escape the culture trap, as long as they dont go una-bomber on our ass.

Go to south Florida and live of margaritas and hot dogs. You can sleep on the beach, the weather is always nice.

It’s really not that bad, as living goes. I grew up in a primitive part of the world without much knowledge of western society and that’s helped me live a much simpler life over the course of my life.

It might be harder to live like that retroactively without some strong motivation. It sounds like good self-discovery for a young person.

just curious, but dont people get kicked off the beach at night. i’ve always wondered that.

yes, you will get kicked off the beach
yes, money sucks

and theres nothing you can do about it

You could always move out the United States and into a third world country of some sorts. You have that option. You could for instance work the next couple of years day and night, gather up a bunch of money and travel the world looking for another home that suits you.

I think you may eventually run afoul of the IRS if you try to “drop out” in the US, if you mean living in a campground and working odd jobs. Then again, if your income was very low you aren’t required to file. There’d be very little security to that type of life, with no medical care, etc. Of course, even money, insurance & property can’t bestow genuine security- security is an illusion.

you seem content. what’s your secret?

There’s millions that work under the table, as they say in the USA. Beyond the citizen it’s how many illegals work in the country. It’s notorious in the construction business and lots of others where a job gets get done and there’s no accounting for who did it.

In the story that I posted the man said that his camping fee was twenty dollars. How long would it take to earn that in doing a few odd jobs?

Seeking contentment is a sign of growth stunted. A sign of stunted becoming, in which one seeks to reap what one’s sown…retirement…decadence.

I’m content with my discontentment.

That’s great, but have you ever suffered because of an ipod?

The only sort of pain I can imagine one could get from an ipod would be that in which one fails to be up to par with the prescribed consumer identity. So to answer your question, no, I don’t see my being an alien of the consumer identity as any cause for suffering.

To continue what I was saying earlier. Seeking contentment is a telltale sign of a false state of being instead of becoming in which one tells one self “I Am” then seeks to find a place to suit them, instead of overcoming the place one is in by bettering themselves–though only as a means to find another place to overcome.

Thinking one isinstead of thinking one as becoming renders one to fight against the current. By thinking of self as being, one perceives all change as suffering.

They can also cause bruising.

Yea, those things are hard to break. Bone<IPod

Illegals are an entirely different case. They enjoy nearly all the benefits of citizenship with almost none of the costs. They do not serve in our military, nor can they be compelled to pay income taxes (US courts have upheld this repeatedly- to be forced to file if you’re illegal abrogates ones rights under the Fifth Amendment). They enjoy free medical care at our ERs, and in fact have bankrupted many of them.

American citizens operate under different rules. Again, you can earn money without being required to file a return, but not a lot. What is it, eight or ten grand? My uncle served four years in a Federal prison for not paying his taxes, and he was definately not wealthy by any means. But to be fair, he was a member of Posse Comitatus.