Does any one know the story of ПЕРЛИНКА? This is a Slavic fairy tale? Where can I find an English synopsis?

I might know the story after I learn Russian. :laughing:

If you can translate that title to English I too might be able to direct you. I used to study cultural fairtales and myths from all over the world. So I may know it. I just never learned the languages, I only relied on english translations. It was interesting how english translations varied. One person translated it this way another translated it that way etc.
You know i think i might do that at the other site, study these things with others there, Hmm, It was going pretty well before at another site. Off to set that thread up on home site. Toodles for now.

Transliteration is Perlinka. Or less likely Pyerlinka or Perlynka. Google shows Ukrainian, Russian and Czech pages. Perlinka means Little Pearl. It’s a cutsie name (not a given name, but for pets and children). Perlinka may be an orphan as there is a “Perlinka Home for Children” in the Ukraine.

Give me a few days to check some sources, you may find it on online by using the possible translations or most likely the Library of Congress should have a downloadable copy, its free.