TORIES: Racist and Sexist in one simple minded policy

I cannot imagine a more blatant sexist and racist suggestion than the one that has spewed forth from the PM today.

“Muslim women who fail to improve their English face being refused permission to stay in the UK”, David Cameron has announced. … 38019.html

The essence of liberalism. Allow the foreigners to do whatever the fuck they want, label any opposition with some form of -ism or -phobe, all out of fear that the said foreigners will become even more radical if they are expected to obey to some pretty sensible rules (If you can’t speak English on A2 in freaking ENGLAND, then you have no business there).

Can you imagine the sheer stupidity of that? It’s as if somebody enters your house and you allow them to do whatever they want cause if you imposed rules upon them, you could only radicalise their behavior, not to mention that you would be an -ist, or a -phobe.


He is wanting to get a group traditionally isolated in their homeland to cliques that would never go anywhere alone except to a neighboring woman’s house, nearby meat market or watering hose, to learn English so they can have more options other than sit at home with other Arab women?

Thats hardly sexist, he is actually England’s top Feminist if that is the case… unless I’m is understanding the word “face” here and he wants them to slap makeup on and pout towards him, speaking to him with a accent. But I’m fairly certain in this case he is just bring highly rational, quite correct, and straight to the point, and that Lev is a fucking idiot completely ignorant of traditional Islamic culture and the massive hurdles many women face integrating.

Here in the US, it can take decades for woman to open up and integrate, I have a close friend from Syria ten years my senior, her mother was the German Ambassador to Germany, she looked like a blond Calvin Klein model, married to a German Doctor, both highly educated. It was a massive struggle on his part to just let her open up to get a GED here in the states, she sat at home practicing English with Sesame Street. He eventually became abusive, stressed out having such a attractive wife (not her fault), she did everything she could to appease him. She never went to the hospital because her husband was a doctor, so he just fixed her up.

It was a very, very long time before she was in a position to have a network of friends and a awareness that Muslim women from the Lebanese community here who were second to third generation didn’t take that shit, at all… and she confronted him. She was living in Miami at the time in a mansion (don’t know much about the community down there). Thats fucking hard to do, to divorce a rich man that was once the very center of your universe.

Her family was devastated she divorced him. They disowned her when she met a Christian guy with a family (she remained Muslim)… she wasn’t able to have children (always known by her ex since before they we’re married)… but they Syrian War suddenly caused the whole family to rethink their stupidity in disowning her, and now suddenly she us everyone’s favorite family member crying to get them the fuck out…

You gotta gain a appreciation how hard life is for Muslim woman to adapt. I know local London Imams are very aware of this, and can council, offer Islamic friendly networks to better integrate women into the workforce and society without causing marital rifts… the men likewise have trouble copying as they aren’t used to dealing with the substantial threats and pressure living in a western country imposes upon their relationship.

I see absolutely nothing wrong in Cameron observing the need to better integrate this segment of the community. I just think it would be very, very wise for Imams and second, their generation Muslim men and Women to take the rational position that the newcomers will need help adjusting like their parents and grand parents did.

I also think Lev needs dragged out of his house and be severely beaten by angry local villagers for being a consistent, ignorant piece of shit. Your always the same monotype ignorant Englishman, never once have you come here stunning everyone with your far sighted insights, it’s always just a stupid ignorant rant that exposes yourself as a fool.

This all being said, Cameron did stick his cock in a severed pigs head, so might not have the pull over the Islamic community he otherwise would have, as the act is most certainly considered Harem in the strongest sense possible by the English Muslim community. Its already a tough issue to approach, he made it harder.

The alternative is that you have a group of people separated from main stream society, who are more likely to be abused and radicalised. Neither are good but which is the best.