Totalitarianism in the US: An accident waiting to happen.

Good article, the gist of which compares Republican political philosophy to that of Soviet Russia, starting with Pravda like propaganda and promoting themselves through big lies, and in our case, small ones too.

Can America complete the downward slide to become a totalitarian police state? It looks as though Republicans would take us there whether we want to go along or not. … _to_happen

Please do finish reading the article and taking that look.

Particularly striking is State Control of the Media. To a large extent, where state and corporate interests have merged, that is already the case.

Can we reverse course? As the article states:





It is hardly an “accident”. It is a 100 yrold design started in 1912 and designed to take 100 years.
Times up and goal’s met.

Why does Totalitarianism have to be a police state?

Because it’s opponents (like George orwell) opposed it and changed the meaning of the word before most people knew about it. To be fair though at least he knew he was exagerrating to make the worst case scenario of it seem like it’s supposed to be the norm.

Have you ever actually read Orwell? I have, including the police state (special branch/MI5) file on him…

There is no serious distinction between the Republican agenda and the Democratic agenda. They are both Agenda 21.
The dichotomy is between the KKK concerns of control versus the SPLC concerns.
They are the same type group with merely reversed propaganda memes.

The events up until now have been calculated since 1912?
On what grounds, and why 1912?

I’m extremely curious about this as well.