Trahne's latest avatar.

Wow, thanks Trahne. To me it’s an epiphany! (Or maybe just seems that way).

I’m sure the artist (“rejected cartoons”) had no intention of this, and I’m not sure Trahne is getting into this argument with the avatar, but seeing it in the context of a philosophy forum suddenly gave me a metaphor of social activity, as an argument for anarchism (or at least abolishment of current states of affairs).

The cartoon goes like this. One guy rips a chunk out of the other guy, then beats him with it, then wears it as a hat and smiles. Well how perfect of a way to express some tactics of the hierarchical system. A lot of times, nobody was put into power by some carefully developed method. They just assumed power and went from there.

How to get power in a hierarchically corrupt system:

(1) Take a chunk out of people’s lives. (Their ability to fix a chair. Their ability to clean their house. Whatever.)

(2) Beat them with it. (“Don’t fix your chair if you don’t get a chair fixing license awarded by me. Don’t clean your house if you don’t get a housecleaning license awarded by me.”)

(3) Wear it as a hat. (“I am a registered authority for chair fixing and housecleaning.”)

(4) Smile to the public. (“I am working to make your life better! Cause I’m so darn responsable.”)

The argument is really simplistic, therefore skewed to reality. But isn’t it a cute metaphore?

Very cute! :smiley:

Yay for inspiration

I can’t discuss now because I’m about to sleep but yes, my avatar kicks ass.

I’m just wondering how the guy got knocked out by being slapped in the head by a chunk of his gut while having his gut ripped out did virtually nothing to him.

It’s possible the adrenaline surge helped him stay concsious while his ribs were ripped out. People are known to withstand incredible things during an adrenaline rush.