Trahne's Official Guide to Surviving Capitalism

Okay, its time for trahne to show how he stays sane in the grueling world of capitalism

At random times I will show you websites, techniques… etc for getting cheap/free stuff to survive capitalism or to just cause some damage.

Today, I will show you Whiskey Militia

They’re having a sale right now (mainly for skating brands)
They show one item on there page and when that sells out or doesn’t sell quickly they post another

I just bought a $50 Volcom sweater for $25 bucks (including tax and shipping)

“a philosophers coat”

Why don’t you try to support capitalism that actually tries to do good, like americanapparel? You’re forced to buy into, so why not make an ethical decision?

Sweet site there Trahne. I like steep and cheap too.

Yea I like American Apparel