trapped in a dream

have you people ever experienced times when you dream, and that you know that it’s a dream, but you somehow can’t release yourself from having the dream?

is there an explanation to this phenomenon?

It’s a characteristic of lucid dreams… in which by thinking ‘hey I’ll wake up’ it causes your body to wake up in the dream… instead of signaling to your actual body that it is time to wake up.

I don’t know if there is a term for this… but they talk about it in one of my favorite movies ‘waking life’.

Richard Linklatter addresses this problem when the main character asks him about it (the main character is trapped in a dream… one of which he’s talking to Linklatter.)

The only advice Linklatter can give him is to Flashes his hands quickly ‘Just … wake up!!’

I’ve had frightening experiences with sleep paralysis. Sometimes in the morning I will be in between a state of full and partial consciousness and I will see my bedroom around me, but not be able to move. One time I saw a man coming into the room towards me and I couldn’t move or scream. I was willing myself to get up, and shortly there after I awoke completely. The frightening thing was that I was facing the same direction, so that all of the things I saw while I was sleeping were right there in front of me. Some people believe that these kind of experiences are evidence of spirits, but I’m not inclined to believe that.

I can’t remember exactly - but the body produces a natural muscle relaxant/retadant during sleep, to stop you acting out your dreams beyond a twitch or two. This ‘paralyzes’ your major muscle groups.

You’re obviously coming half awake before these get switched off.

Any precursors you’ve noticed…? Food/drink, exhaustion, disturbed sleep cycles, enviromental factors…?

Keep a quick notebook next to the bed, try to write down how you feel, what you’ve done prior to going to bed - see if you can find some common factors to the episodes.

It’s always in the morning when I am waking usually after having a long sleep. I have heard that this can occur as people are trying to fall asleep as well, but this has not been the case for me.

It doesn’t happen often enough for me to say it was something I ate or drank.

If it’s a very seldom occurance then I’d say don’t worry. I sometimes wake and dream semi-lucidly, my dreams seeming to write themselves over my vision, but its only coupled physically with a slight comfortable numbness.

I think probably you wake mentally early, and given the scary nature of your dream, attempt to move before your body’s woken up - and the fact that you find yourself imobile compounds the fear. → Panic.

In time, familliarity will breed… Content. Hell, you might even grow to enjoy it… :wink: It’s not everyone who can create their own virtual reality.

You can have fun when you know you are dreaming. I was asleep, and dreaming, and aware of my dream, so I did some experiments.

I looked at some objects to see if they were 3D, and they were.
I looked at the colour of objects, and they were perfectly in colour, like a natural world.
I dropped from a great height to see if I could hit the ground without waking, and I did. This broke all of my bones in the dream, and I was like jelly.
I walked around my block to see if there was anything that I could find out of place. I saw a white van parked at a friends house. There had never been a white van there before so I remembered to look for it the next day. The next day there was the same white van parked there.
The only thing that seemed to be missing from the dreams were the environmental sounds. Like birds, and wind.

So, try to remember to do some experiments, and you will probably be able to.

I heard lucid dreaming happens for physical reason, when your muscles get a sort of spasm, you cannot control your movement even if you want to, even for a second in between dream and awakening, when you are awake. If feels horrible bacause you know you are paralysed. This has happened to me whenever my neck was in a bad position and it was tense in fact. You even cannot tell a word, you want to call someone to give you a massage but you cannot. but maybe it has some other reason than bad position of your neck.

When ever I have a lucid dream I attempt flight. I’m always able to get off the ground, but I can always only fly so high, about just above the trees.

I think if you’re not able to hear birds and other ambient sounds in a dream it is because the human mind is only capable of creating so much reality. For example, a computer game like “The Sims” is able to simulate only so much of human behaviour in it’s characters, only so much reality in it’s scenarios because there is too much to account for- no simulation one person can imagine would be comprehensive enough to cover every little detail. But then again, if you are able to control this lucid dream, then I’m sure you could implant any sound you’d like.

Do you believe that psychic phenomenon can occur in dreams? I’m asking because you mentioned the white van. A few times I’ve had prophetic dreams, but they’re quite useless because usually I’m unaware of the message until the even replays itself in my waking time.

This is a little irrelavent. This thread just reminded me of Nash the math guy. His condition poses to me a philosophical problem. Basically he daydreams at the highest level. Let’s not forget how powerfully creative his genius mind is.

I did belive that psychic phenomenon can occur in dreams at the time of the white van dream, but have since changed my mind. I now think that sleep is a time for the brain to remove unused information, and that the unused information appears as dreams. In this scenario, I would forget that the white van was often parked in that position, and so would be surprised to see it there.

Edit: My explenation is wrong, I forgot that I also dispelled the second idea.
I think that a dream is a time to replace unused material to make room for fresh memories. The memory that is removed is defragmented. So an image is put in the hole that has been removed. So my white van was put in the gap that remained after something was removed. In that case, I was sort of psychic to see the van the next day, although I would go with coincidence.