OK im building a trebuchete and I’m having a problem. I can only throw a object about 20 feet of less. I have so far pinpionted 3 things that might cause this utter failure.

  1. My sling is too long ( I have a 36 inch arm and a 37-40 inch sling)

  2. My pouch that holds the object is too large, small, not long enough, not short enough or is of the wrong material. ( I’m using a starcted cloth in the shap of a triangle but with 2 opposite croners cut into a v shape and then sewwed together to form a pouch.)

  3. My release pin angle is not great enough.

  4. Or I need a new throwing arm. ( one thats not crooked…)

    Any help wold be appreciated because its really annoying to have spent a week cutting a glueing the cursed thing together and then speen a day trying to get they stuff right and it not work. 1 shot wiill hit the garage behind me, the next hits the pine tree branches 20 feet above me and the other random shot that acually stay ing the pouch hit the tracktor 20 feet ahead of me and 20 feet to the right of where I'm aiming.

You’ve come to the righ tplace. I built one (and it’s spelled trebuchet) in 9th grade that will launch a golf ball about 200 ft. with a 40 lb. counterweight.

There are many variables you can adjust on a trebuchet, which makes them so hard to perfect. your sling should be between 1/2-3/4 of the total arm length, depending on the size weight you are using.

The pouch should be cup shaped to keep the object centered, and to give a consistent shot.

To do this right takes a healthy knowledge of physics which is awfully hard to communicate over this forum. I suggest consulting a website dedicated to trebuchet design, and investing in a few tools and some lumber.

Ok well the trebuchet I built is 30 inches high has a cw of a coffee can filled with cement. probally not like yours…

But thanks Anyway

go to this link for more information