Trinity of fools

There are three types of fools in this world:

  1. Those who talk about what exists.
  2. Those who talk about what they believe to exist.
  3. Those who talk about what does not exist.

I believe that the greatest fool of the three is the third.

Define existence

All possibilities are covered within the three fools.
That which exists, is believed to exist, and does not exist.
Are there any more possibilities?

Insert your own definition for existence.

we want your definition jr…

Yea, please.

my definition is existence = rubber duck.


To get drawn into an argument on things that don’t exist would make me an even bigger fool than the third, and that also includes arguing over theories by the mere fact that they are just that… theories.

I am glad someone understood.

I didn’t get it because I am one of us dummies…

So all religion and most philosophy is foolish?

You can’t advance without discussion of what exists, does not exist and what is believed to exist. It doesn’t work that way. A fool is one who’s ego has consumed them. They believe themselves to be smart and great.

Why would it be foolish to assume something does not exist if there was/is 0% evidence?

Agree. So, Jr., what should a wise person talk about?

Why is it necessary stick the label ‘fool’ onto someone?

I exist.
I believe I exist.
I believe some things that do not currently exist some day might.
Does that make me a fool?

Hmm, well there seems to be a sad lack of bathtubs for so many rubber ducks. You gotta have at least 1 tub per 2 rubber ducks or they don’t exist as rubber ducks.

I don’t mind being a fool.
Seems like a difficult thing for people to be.

I am a dummy

Thank you a Turtle. I am a dummy (fool) too.

They came in a pack of three when I bought them. They were small, medium and large. If they don’t exist then why are you talking about them?

You declared their existence and now you say there are three. Yet no tub, how can there be three or one without a bathtub, I’d settle for bubble tubs if you have one and can really prove it exists.