Trinity of fools

The flora loves feasting on bio-organic death just as the universe loves creating out of scraps and dusts.

Well said. =D>

Sure it is - it’s the end of the relationship between the dead entity and all the other entities around it.

No it isn’t. Because being remembered is not exactly an end. The relationship between a dead entity and other entities can be remembered and valued forever. The only thing that ends is the unique personality/characteristics that is ‘you’, and even then is still remembered.

Since people often remember your physical characteristics/traits and personality the most.

Memory is not the same as physical existence and memory does not last forever. Memory does nothing for the dead entity.

Obviously. But being remembered is still not really an end.

I think it is sad that we all have to die…

Death makes room for children. Without death, reproduction would not make sense. Reproduction would be very destructive.

I still feel sad for all of us

You live in a world governed by gaining power from recycled garbage. And that you are the garbage.

are you there with me james

Okay. Feel the feeling. Then feeling moves away and you feel something else.

Everything is recycled. Everything.

what happens inside the black hole in our galaxy…

Black holes spit out pure energy.

Nothing in the universe suggests dead ends.
Back to the OP, I’ve been “a fool for love”, a fool for religion and a fool for philosophy. Guilty on all fronts. But doesn’t the fact that I recognize this make me wise to a point?

did that answer my question…I dont think so

know what you know…know what you dont know…that is wisdom indeed…
that is some jap saying…

humans will be dead ends…there is some suggestion…

There are no ends in sight. My parents died nearly 30 years ago and yet their genes are present in their children.

You asked what is going on inside of a black hole. Recycling. It vacuums up all of the debris, remains of dead stars, particles drifting through space and out comes pure energy. Is it really that hard to correlate? No.