Trouble for ILP

ILP could lose half it’s membership!

:laughing: let’s hope ILPers think with the organ above their neck, and not with the one below their waist… :neutral_face:

…anyway, whatever happened to the slogan ‘We do it with our brains’? :confused:

I think tent is speaking for himself here…
…or maybe it’s an advertisement for his own facetime line. :astonished:

''Hi, I’m tentative, I like to ‘‘phisocal with philosophy’’, how 'bout you? Choose scenarios from: ‘‘Nietzsche in Nickers’’, to ‘‘Kierkegaard, While You Hit Me Hard’’ :confused:

I could go on, I’ve got thousands, but I think you get my point, and I think that brevity here is preferential.

Actually, I was thinking of all the dick-waving in ILP suddenly disappearing for the opportunity to wave their dicks in front of a camera. Never cared much for porn. Nothing more than visual mechanistic masturbation. But this is the new “sexting”, isn’t it?

That might not be a bad thing. The outsourcing of ILP’s habitual pissing contests. Might trim down the discussions until they all become actual discussions. Porn’s not my thing, either. Mechanistic, took the word right out of my mouth. I guess it is the new sexting. Well, I only use my phone to make arrangements, and I don’t like phone conversations, because I like to be in the room with the person. That preference applied to this technology, and I’m not really interested. I’m a bit old fashioned though, so I’m not expecting my response to be the norm.

I think our grandparents would have called us “fuddy-duddies” :laughing: