True Christians

There seems to be allot of christian groups.
Many claim to be the most true form of christianity.
Some of the christians feel they need to never break the commandments and laws, but they rarely help anyone.
Some christians try to help people more, but they might not focus as much on the laws.
Some of the highest level christians, the 12 apostles, still were imperfect and made mistakes.

I think allot of christians want to have a perfect doctrine. They seem to forget what imperfection means.

What does it mean?

Perfection is something I associate with the monotheisms: all the omni Words for God, Heaven, that God is perfect, immaculate conceptions, Jesus suffering for all the sins ever by anyone - God makes no mistakes, if you have aproblem with God, you have a problem, because God is perfect. If the perfection cannot be explained than it is mysterious or beyond our limited minds - note, I am not saying this is impossible, of course it is possible, but it is never the case and could never be that one’s anger, say, at God could be justified). Then this perfection is turned on us and we fail. And while there are less literal self-flagellants then there used to be - though there still a great deal of self-flagellation encouraged by the Churchs (and mosques and synogogues).

That Jesus shifted the OT focus on correct behavior to the sins of the heart kind of extensions he made on the ten commandments was good
and terrible. Good because here you are really getting past simply form. Aligning oneself to the form of being a good guy can be pretty meaningless. Terrible because now perfect behavior is nto enough, and into the heart the all seeing Eye now stares.

I think perfection is very hard for the human mind to imagine truly.
Therefor most people don’t know a thing about imperfection also.
The result should be humility and patience.
A code of does and don’ts is much easier for a human person to imagine. Codefied morality can become dead though.