truman show & the village

both movies portray a similar theme, having to live in a constructed world. its always mentioned in many articles i found that truman or the villagers had no choices to make in their lives. all are already constructed for them. all the paths will take them to the same place. same turning. same scenario. the question is, without knowing they are consequently controlled, how do they know they truly exist. exist for a reason. exist for the same reason WE exist in the world. what if it turns out that the whole world WE live in is constructed the way we dont want it to be, and what if we discover that all paths we take take us down the same road. we all think we’ve made enough choices in our life to follow the right path. what if there’s no path at all? how do we know we truly exist? and how do we know we are making our own choices for ourselves?

What reason do we exist in the world for?

We doubt, therefore we think, therefore we exist. (Descartes)

That we doubt is the one thing we cannot doubt for doing so would be doubting. Our one doubt we cannot doubt.

we breathe, we live therefore we exist. to survive. to experience. to taste. like you said we doubt - we think - we exist. we taste the sour to doubt.

Though the Cartesian doubt is one way to know of one’s existence, it is by no means necessary that we, as conscious beings, must sit by the fire and meditate of this existence. I don’t even believe that Descartes would want us all to do this cogito just to be sure. This is an extreme doubting which is really at odds with the ordinary life we live. If in ordinary way we perceive the world as it is right now, this is enough to be sure of our existence. It is not even necessary that we must know that everything is constructed for us, determined for us. That I will get in my car tomorrow at 10:00 am to go to the grocery store should be my choice in ordinary sense. In the grand scheme of life, it really does not matter the minute things that we do day in day out.

well its nice to get replies but im getting a little bit confused here. to be awfully honest, i just started philosophy class this semester, only had 1 class. and first thing that we had to do was study truman show. and look for philosopical ideas explored in this movie. i immediately came up with truman with his existence and choices he had in his life. whether there are truly options for him and such. does he really have his own freewil in his little constructed world.

but really, all in all, im getting confused and stuck. LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: