Trump is a Genius.

What a god damned brilliant strike. Because so very true. … ion-speech

Besides, this deeply unwholesome obsessions of muslims with sacrifice must stop. If it can become a little less Abrahamic in that sense… and a bit more Aristotelean…

The early Zionists used terrorist acts, as did the resistances to all warmachines - but most creeds understand that having one blow up ones own is not the thing to be focused on, not the highest ethics. In some cases it has been a necessary evil to attain a cause, such as the foundation of Israel. But the Zionists came out of a loss of 6 million in 5 years, a greater loss than the whole of the muslim populace has suffered in such a timespan - even its self inflicted violence does not attain to that. And yet the Zionists came out of it better. This is, I reckon, because Islam has lost the art of Mathematics.

In the depth though the aesthetic instinct that precedes the mathematical will is still there.

Can anyone tell me what this says?

Did you actually read that article past the 2nd paragraph?


He’s genius.

He’s also absurdly candid and at the same time diplomatic on very difficult issues, such as Russia and Abortion.

Best politician to run for office since Reagan. Maybe even Nixon.

Interesting take on history. Do you realize he’s also the most disliked presidential candidate in 60 years? The only reason he has any shot at the presidency is because Hillary is the 2nd most disliked presidential candidate in 60 years. i suppose that doesn’t disqualify him as a genius politician, but usually genius politicians are actually liked or even loved by the people.

But if you think schoolyard insults and ILP style repartee make someone good at politicking, then maybe you’re right - and maybe in the contemporary USA, schoolyard insults and ILP style repartee DO make someone a political genius.

Fuck me, i should have run for president.

Trump’s Companies Filed Bankruptcy 4 Times - letting his companies run big debts, then let them go… another pump and dump coming for america, if he is elected. And to be fair, hilary is a threat to all humanity.

the lesser evil is no choice

It’s really the age akin to the dawn of Aquarious, of mystery religions, of deep mythological propositional politicking. The politicking ticks alongside the ticking time bomb of the nucleus of the denigrated, de structured entropic violence of universal chaos, begging the mysterious will of the natural order to intercede.

May the most powerful magic pervade!

Such self contempt and self denial.

Or rather of the magic wearing out. The age of reaoson is upon us but paradoxically this begins with a generation of the least thinking creatures man has ever been.

Hillary is a schoolteacher. She wants to be principle. I saw her character now, her absurdity, her own particular power. I think that the world could sort of endure it.

And yet the guy manages to get elected candidate of the republican party.

Okay, there werent any viable alternatives. But that is not Trumps fault.
He addresses very real issues. He hasnt gotten rich by being stupid. Just by being persistently willing to take risks and find ways to get things done. He’s fitted for an America that resembles the British empire in the time it founded Hong Kong. A more renegade, primordial tradersworld. I can also live with that.

You can have ethics with only one strategem under consideration. It is a either or, circumstantially. Blowing one’s self up, like the guy in the original independence day movie, by kamakaze ramming the spaceship is by every religions standards save maybe the Jain and Amish, good. Now, you offer a alternative in a given circumstance, I can tell you how justifiable the action is per given creed.

It is like the joke about murder, it is a victimless crime. If that is all your judging it off of, a murderer and a corpse, after the fact, devoid of a outside universe, it would seem to be the case. You offer alternatives, and circumstance, then it is up for evaluation. You have to be a active agent in a realm with possibilities up in the air to determine ethics.

And trump isn’t the lesser of evils, you gotta be evil first. He is a obnoxious businessman. He doesn’t have a war crimes record like Hillary does. Just because the left doesn’t like him doesn’t mean he is just as bad as Hillary. I will always choose Not-Hitler over Hitler, over being given the choice of just Hitler or a mysterious other who only thing we know is he has no war crime record, is a businessman and reformist. That sounds so much better that Hitler.

Hillary is Hitlerish. What she lacks in pure evil she more than makes up for with her incompetency. That can often times produce a similar effect.

Her main quality that I was impressed with was that she managed to piss Trump off so easily with her schoolprinciple act.

I have no illusions about her warmachine. She let go of her real VP choice because this fuckup wallstreet thug that she was posing with the other day demanded it of her and then went on to utter some phrases about democacy. She’s a total slave to Krupp Steel, I know that. My point i more that I can now see her beating Trump, and Im sort of checking if there is a downside to that that might resemble something of a neutral.

Do you believe that figure to be “mathematically” accurate?

As opposed to how accurate?

How about as opposed to just a will to be accurate? (i.e. not locking people up in prison for the crime of just wanting to be accurate, or suppressing the desire for truth in the name of morality (as if questioning the holocaust is this egregious moral crime that should make men shudder…before you question the holocaust you should “stop and think” about what is right, hah)…all under the the umbrella of a “free” democratic Europe…If the figure is so unquestionably accurate, why would holocaust laws be necessary? Supposing that the figure IS accurate, then the laws would simply be oppressive for the sake of being oppressive, a further humiliation.

What do you make of this video:

Would have made zero difference if he was as he inherited his wealth

He has far more now than what he started with.

I’m not opposed to people being rich, or inheriting money. If you do good by it, increasing your wealth through reinvestment in your business, estates, or local banks and local stocks, provide jobs, give to charity, provide for your family and set a good example, you will never see me talk ill of your wealth.

I understand some money goes overseas, thats the nature of the global economy, but Trump had alot of local business start ups. Some work, some bust, thats the business cycle when your trying to be fresh and innovative.

Well, he was born rich, so he didn’t get rich by being smart either. His business record is actually pretty mediocre, and his accomplishments are mostly just junk sold by marketing his name.

Such as . . . ?

Probably because you don’t live here.

Such pseudo-Nietzschean psychobabble.

Selling his brand is a legitimate sales tactic, this is how a very large chunk of American trademarked merchandise is sold. People wouldn’t buy half our shit when compared to competitive second and third world products if we couldn’t impress them with names like Apple or or HP or New Balance or Nike… it is a massive scam that keeps a lot of people here employed. I’m hardly upset with it.

Worst thing trump is accused of is his university, which might not qualify as a educational institution under New York law… doesn’t qualify as a Diploma Mill (which is usually legal, just distasteful but all too often necessary for job requirements (must have 4 year diploma to be a sales rep, in any degree sort of bullshit, even if your otherwise better qualified). He actually held classes… telling his managers to sell on emotions for new classes again is distasteful, but has been done by every successful salesman in America for well over 100 years. Most businesses tell their sales reps to do just that. Sham-wow! Isn’t illegal, just very scammish, but in a legal sense.

He hasn’t done anything remotely illegal in his business startups. I personally would never pay that amount for a steak (I’m not Smears), wouldn’t want water with Trump’s name on it, don’t want to live in his estates even if I could afford it, would never pay to receive lectures on business… but people do just this sort of shit all the time. Trump on Trump Water (undoubtedly from some tap), and Jennifer Aniston for Smart Water… both equally retarded yet fully legal scams. Its fucking water, falls from the sky, found in any toilet.

Same with his courses. It us your job to find if your institute has been accredited by others… his school was a new start up. Lots and lots of schools aren’t well accredited, or at all. I can start a very legitimate school on the philosophy of history, focusing on classes on texts through history… better course material than you would get at Harvard or Yale, but I wouldn’t be accredited, nor would I seek it… this suggests I recognize someone else’s school as a equal. I would be very careful in examining such a mutual accredation process. It could take years before I say yes. This is my right as a educator, head of my institution. I’m fully qualified to start a philosophy school, as a philosopher same as trump as a highly successful businessman.

What I’m left looking at Trump after noting the above, is he hasn’t ever done anything bad… Not like Clinton did with the failure to resolve Libya… and very poor reaction to ISIS.

Trump… has bad hair? Trump says… stuff that upsets the left? These aren’t things that qualify him as a bad man. Both Buddha and Jesus said shit that pisses off the left, good people do things daily that angers them, and are completely in the right to do so. Is having bad hair a crime? Hair this bad… maybe… but honestly, no. He likes to have pretty wives, oh no! Fuck… that isn’t a crime either. He has money… most of it self made! Oh no Bernie Sanders… again, not bad. Fuck, Zizek drops silly amounts of money vacationing in luxury hotels in Dubai… is he any less qualified to run for president of Solamia, Home of the Lame? No.

He hasn’t done anything actually wrong yet, except is the target of spin on the left. I’m okay with it at this point, for what upsets them isn’t of anyone’s real concern. We see them flipping out, we’ve learned to ignore them. It took us the criticism of Bush, followed by Obama’s depression, to figure out what they say is pure bullshit. US has built up antibodies to such thinking, it is now time to leave it behind in the past, and press forward. No more Hillary, No more Obama, just focus on the country and learn to heal again once this long national nightmare is over.