Trump is only guilty of one thing

Nope, not me. I was working all night and Kriswest would be a boring account to hack anyways.

Oh, like yours would be exciting,

Both candidates have done more insulting each other then they have done real campaigning. This shows both to have childish huge egos. Both enjoy the spotlight too much, both crave to be historical figures, this means they both have the very real potential of doing something extreme in office. With childish egos involved, the extreme will be stupid and really dangerous.

K: my solution is not Hillary, but my current choices is either Clinton or Herr Trumpf.
You mistake my preference for Clinton to be my solution and it is not…
The solution we are working out right now, on this web site…Which is why
I asked for solutions to the current situation…

I am a realist… I know both parties are fucked up, but that doesn’t stop
me from finding a way around them…Nothing is ever “four more years of the same”
stuff happens and off we go, on some different track…My personal solutions
would actually involved having more than two parties for starters…I would
term limit congressmen… turn elections from the state and local level to
the federal government…Move voting to sundays…this is easy achievable stuff…
the hard path comes later… Moving money out of elections… find ways to tie
people to their government… and by ties, not physical ties but emotional ties.
We need to connect people to their, THEIR government…The solutions
we seek is not about the nuts and bolts of government, but about creating
a sense that we are one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all…
Equality would be my mantra, what would create more freedom, more liberty?
Equality means having a tax rate that is equal and fair to all…
Equality means justice is for everyone, not just the one who can afford it.
Equality means we have equal access to medical, justice, schooling, in fact,
to every aspect of life…Those are solutions and in some of them are solutions
to the problems of the ME…
we cannot solve the ME problems until we solve our own problems…
Throwing stones from glass houses has a bad, bad ending…

You claim I am “blind partisanship” and yet, I can look for and
beyond the days when we don’t have parties… just people voting
for candidates who have no party. Just people… but those days
are off in a distant future, I must work with what is in front of me,
so I look partisan but I am really not…


=D> Finally some substance. Well done.

K: there has always been substance…You just never noticed…


The solution, is to stop being goshdarn pushovers, and vote for Trixie.

Kriswest I’ve come to view you as the ILP grandma. I imagine you knitting a sweater over your keyboard.

Don’t feel bad…

:slight_smile: hon, I barely know how to cook, knitting was not part of growing up. Repairing vehicles, working outside, fishing , hiking. A Tomboy , much to my mother’s dismay. :slight_smile: