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Liberals are very upset about this, as it will prevent them from killing the offspring of Poor and Brown people off, which is one of the few things left that make liberals happy.

US is slowly pulling itself out of Murder Incorporated. A variety of terrible arguments have been propped up over the years to defend murder, it now falls on deaf ears.

K: and women who for medical reasons must have an abortion and what
about rape victims or incest victims… of course we MUST force them to have
an the baby and then give them no way or ability to support that child…
just a awesome plan… force women to have abortions and then don’t give
them the resources to raise them… pretty typical conservative plan…


Rape and incest is still excepted. Working on a time machine to offer your mother the option to abort you. Who the he’ll are you to tell her no.

That only proves that Trump is the puppet for the Pope.

He is a puppet of the will of the American people.

Not federally funding abortion is not the same thing as forcing people to have babies.

K: actually it is when women who can’t afford abortions must keep the fetus…
if you can’t afford the to pay for an abortion, what other choice do you have?
you have the child even though you don’t want it and you can’t afford it and
the resources to have the child aren’t available… take away child programs like
WIC and other programs to care for the children, you are then also slowly killing
the child… congrats… pro-life you aren’t…


The wealthy always have had and will continue to have them, the poor are fucked!

I think that’s what you meant to say Peter.

And it’s true…

Now we’re back to coat hangers again…

Yeah trump!

Abortion can’t be a human right, as it is a destruction of a human life. Onus on reproduction is on the individuals willingly involved. Sex is for baby making.

So I guess because a gun and ammo costs money, everyone including you leftists should pay for a gun and ammo for every poor person that wants one to ensure they have full access to the 2nd Amendment?

K: not even the same argument…having a gun voluntary and how does that equate
to an abortion?


Leaving here today, in the Philippines, a Catholic Country, wherero life I’d sacrosanct. Children in tatters, unkempt, too sick even to beg, yet the policy of the church is against abortion and birth control.
Wwwwwhhhhhaaat? Does pro life mean anything pro, except in places where affordability as a basis for an argument in this is simply a no brainer?

K: yep, pro-life is really about being pro-life until it actually costs some money because
my money is far more important then life… I won’t pay for abortions but I also won’t
pay for child care, programs to allow parents to afford children, I won’t pay for any program
that allow a child to survive after being born, that is what it means to be pro-life in today’s Amerika.


The average person has sex 10,000 to 20,000 times per life, maybe 3 kids…

Sex is about social status, and in the absence of suicide clinics… Making human slaves to brag about

over 3 million children die from malnutrition every year…
but of course those pro-life people never notice them in their
pursuit of preventing the death of fetuses…
if you are serious about being pro-life, then you must be active in
helping preventing over 3 million children from dying of malnutrition…

pro-life really means when it makes me feel good about myself and
has nothing, absolutely nothing about preventing the death of children…
because hay, its not my problem but I am pro-life, but not those lives,
you know other lives, the ones I can tell what to do to make me feel
morally superior, that is what pro-life in Amerika means, telling other
people what to do so I can feel morally superior…


Why are you bitching about this to people in nations where this is thankfully a relatively small problem? Your argument only has merit in places like sub-saharan Africa, and it’s not lack of abortion services that is the real problem. And why is it anybody but the persons involved responsibility to pay for such things? You people can never answer why it is everyone else’s responsibility.

How is this NOW a right, but wasn’t even on the radar before a handful of decades ago? How does the development of technology and medicine equal to ever

Pretty sure abortion is voluntary too, except in extreme circumstances (which there will always be an allowance for).

If you don’t see how the arguments are similar, you might try laying off the propaganda for a bit to let your head clear.

Turd, poor brown people are the cause of most of the murders. So not aborting them isn’t exactly going to save lives.

And on another note, you should go ahead and start expecting demand for food stamps and section 8 to go through the roof. Making abortion into something that dumb, poor people can’t afford is going to cause another generation of people who can’t stand on their own. You’re worried about government spending…letting poor people kill their own children is probably cheaper than having to end up taking care of those children.

Preach it.

China has mass aborted people, didn’t do shit to relieve rural poverty. Iran strongly supports abortions, they still are poor, and both China and Iran are heavy on executions.

Poverty is dependent on other factors, such as national policy, international trade, ability to produce goods, employment and farming methods, societal emphasis on property. An example, in France, property automatically goes to children, they emphasize this in their legal code. Prevents a phillipino style impoverishment. Likewise, they put a lot of effort into training people in matters of preservation of state and estates.

US is similar. This is the best antidote to poverty. Mass murder Jerkey style usnr just ethically fucked up, it is economically absurd. Phillipines han’t pushed good oeconomia strongly, a mixture of economics and household management. They are only now just cracking down on drug gangs, it has a long way to go. It got too liberal, too lazy, till society exploded.