Trump should win and here's why.

The logical reason of why Trump should win.

Trump has a 50/50 chance of telling the truth and improving this country.

Hillary is guaranteed going to suck, lie and be garbage 100%.

The only other options is if everyone votes Green Party.

I think Trump would be the better option also.
He is brutally honest and that’s what this country needs.
No more politically correct morons.

Right. It’s like, Trump makes a joke saying it would be funny if Russia hacked corrupt Hillary’s emails.

Everyone else loses their minds. And the ignore the fact that Hillary is corrupt in the first place. They forgive her for her actual high treason, but if Trump makes a joke about her treason then they accuse him of high treason.
Politically correct morons = High treason is acceptable, but making a joke or exposing high treason is unnacceptable.

Feminists = Islam is acceptable, even though they oppress and butcher women, Trump is unacceptable, misogynist and anti-feminist for trying to stop women from being butchered.

I’m so glad that you young people usually don’t actually go and vote on election day.

As opposed to drug dealers who never post anything philosophical at a philosophy boards?

Yes, as if partaking in a rigged democratic voting pool has actually ever solved anything in this country the last hundred and fifty years…

Trump is good for America, but bad for the rest of the world… If you considered things in a broader perspective, and thought what was better for humanity as a whole (not only for white US citizens) then you would never ever cheer for a person like Donald Trump.

Hillary bombs the rest of the world and causes WW3.

I’m pretty sure Trump is not worse for the world than her.

Nothing they do will be “better for humanity”. It isn’t even on the agenda.

Exactly. Anyone who thinks Hillary will save humanity is delusional. She hasn’t ever saved me from sexless, lonely nights, by having sex with me, so why should we trust her?

Agreed. Read the latest editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal. It expresses the oblivion of Obama’s policy , causing the decline go American power, leaving other wannabe’s to imbue into the vacuum left, ergo, causing far more potential problems, then setting a policy of detranchment from conflict ridden theatres. However, Trumpism is far more risqué and dangerous on the short run.

This country is an embarrassment to the world but I digress…

You’re acting like other countries are actually sane. They aren’t.

Eat a dick.