Truth, facts and beliefs

“I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”
- Socrates

Would I be rational then, in assuming that in the above quote’s context:
The word Truth means what undoubtedly is the truth?

The word Fact is what we believe to be the truth and have approproate evidence for; though it can change as we find/use more/other evidence?

The word Belief is what we think to be the truth, though we have no appropriate evidence for it?

in other words, acknowledging your own ignorace is more of a sign of wisdom than thinking you know what you don’t.

Socrates quote is the biggest cop out in the history of intellectuals. its a self-refuting statement. Even if he can substantiate that he indeed knows nothing for certain, he implies an awareness of his ignorance.

It’s not a copout. Socrates was a known bullshitter. He had his reasons. You just can’t always take him too deadly-seriously.

i once had the thought in the back of my head that Socrates was indeed a crafty sophist.

just not the prostitute kind.

To me, in most cases, it does not matter who said it - what matters is what is being said. Focus on the who usually biases things terribly in one way or the other with no relevance at all to what is being said and pushes the general discussion towards becoming a mindless argument or irrational agreement.

That said, what I was asking was related in context to Socrates’ quote, not Socrates himself or the meaning of the quote itself.

Though I thank you for your replies nonetheless.

“Truth” is dubbed by the satisfaction of desire for result.

Moral idealisms feel like “the truth” because they insight so much desire for result and it appears as if they would work…