Truth Literal Pear

(a quick break from Lurk)

What qualifies one
To teach it
Is to teach it,
Wisely enough’d.

What signifies one
To etch it
Is to write it,
Meaning rebuffed.

What magnifies one
To reach it
Is to free it,
determindeb’t sloughed.

What notifies one
To peach it
Is to speak it,
Literally trued.

I like it. Very Lewis Carroll.

I keep tripping over this, though: “determindeb’t sloughed”. It flows so well until this. I understand (I think) the desired pronunciation but I keep seeing and wanting to read the word “debt”, which interferes with the flow. Maybe it’s just me.

Thanks rainey!

Ya, I guess it’s meant to counterpose the uber-formulaic rigidity of the rest of the stuff… popping off of “meaning rebuffed”, as for instance deter-mind-edit (given a dislexical moment, along with an implied debit (and even less apparent mind-depth)). [All this, of course, only to rationalize a posteriori my obsessive proclivity to comportmanteauthorize nonsensical neologistics, compulsed by the thought that “it’s all straw”, word-wise, so to speak, if you will, nevertheless… ya, I know, I know…] A tuewednesday sort of thing, I suppose, only less clear. (one day I hope to articulate the virtues of obscurantism, in terms of its anti-hubristic applications)

btw, not sure how broadly spoken the word “slough” is out there… here in Western Canada it essentially means swamp (read “slew”). I’m juxtaposing, of course, the pronounciation “sluff”, coming out of the trip-upping determindeb’t, so asto set up the “true”, which I mean to arrive in terms of a literal disconnection with the rythmn. …then again, I wrote it all in the space of about 10 minutes tops, so I shouldn’t really be imposing all this intention into it, I suppose… (I was sparked by the self-assurance of a to be left unnamed poster, who would appear to have proclaimed achieving Literal contact with Reality… not a rare proclamation, to be sure, but one I often feel disposed to contest, if it were not so tiring…)