Truth without language?

I am aware there are theories of what truth is.

But I am curious…after watching an episode of Samurai Jack and the three monks climbing a magical peak. Jack asks them what lies at the top of the mountain, and one monk replies in a hardcore tone “Truth”

I’m not sure on what lesson was learned. When the episode ended did he reach the top? I dunno if he found truth. But If I do not speak with someone, how to I find truth. Like outside arguing with someone. Like meditation and transcending junk. Hindu or Buddhists arrive at truth, but it is not the normal kind. I am not spiritiual or religious, but it seems hardcore and helpful. Obviously the senses and feelings come into play. It is not rational truth these monks speak of?

with out knowing the the episode I can only guess that the monk meant the type of truth one realizes after facing hardship. the truth about yourself. Argue with yourself sometime, it can be pretty enlightening about who you really are. Truth can be found in an apple or it can be found in an argument with your enemy, friend or self. You don’t need to meditate you just have to be observent and questioning.

Monks speak of a spiritual truth that is indeed not rational. Spiritual knowledge (gained through meditation)transcends rational knowledge and should not be confused with pre-rational, mythical ideas. Mythical thinking is itself transcended by rational thinking. Here, to ‘transcend’ means to go beyond an existing type of thinking and experience, where the new emerging form tends to be more encompassing, complex and abstract than the previous one. Now, mythical thought, though “primitive” from the rational perspective, is still a kind of symbolic thinking and it in turn transcends mere emotions and feelings. Only people have evolved enough to have myths, whereas many animals, esp. higher mammals, seem to have emotions too, which are more localised and concrete than abstract thoughts. Emotions in turn transcend sensory perceptions, representing an even more primitive type of experience that most animals share. Lastly, perceptions transcend sensations; probably even some plants have the touch sensation.

The aim of the above is to “naturalise” the idea of transcendence, so that the claim of spiritual knowledge/truth transcending - ie. more “advanced” than - rational knowledge/truth becomes more palatable. If you think of evolution as the development over time of 1.sensations (plants), 2.sensations + perceptions (animals), 3.sensations + preceptions + emotions (mammals), 4.sensations + perceptions + emotions + conceptions (humans), it’d be strange if evolution were to suddenly stop at mental conceptions and rational thinking becomes the final word on truth.