Alright this is a short story.
I didn’t tell anyone this, untill you came along. Do you remember that day? I do. We went to your apartment, we talked about my day, and then you said something disturbing to me… You asked if I was able to have children. Then you told me about what your friends at work said to you. They said that a sixteen year old girl could not have your baby. That I will never be able to have children…
When I was fourteen I poisoned myself, in atemp to kill myself. What I did not know was that it was so little amount of poison, it did not have an entire effect on me. Yet it was enough poison to kill the child in my womb. On the tenth of March, she was born dead.
My daughter’s name was Jackilena Marie. She was so beautiful. Green eyes, a dazzling green, like no other. She had a little bit of hair, a dark brown with a red tint to it.
I have fooled myself and others into thinking that I will never be a good mother. I have longed to be a mother, but I am not mentally ready to have a baby.
And so in the delivery room, there she did welter…

Hello someone reply to this. Give your thoughts and imput. Something please.

So this short story is titled “Truth”, so is it the truth? If it is, then what a sad truth it is! If it’s fictional, then what does it imply? What sort of message it tries to convey? Or does it simply exist as an art work? If so, then it’s a work that has a really cold and dark texture.

Sorry might dissapoint you there, but I tried.

it seems like one of those fuzzy flashbacks in movies, the ones with the light flare on the lense and the overly bright color, like in a dream.i love the description of the eyes.
it has a dark thought to it, but I picture it in an “albino”-type light, the kind that makes you cry, so its bittersweet, because of the love (of the child) in it and the tragic ending.
…is it a true story?

Yes this is a true story. My daughter, she would be two this year, died. She was not wanted because of something that happened to me awhile ago.

If you see this, then just log on…

So anything else anyone has to say?

You were young, life went wrong and you weren’t equipped to deal with it then. You took one of the few options you were able to see.

You’re alive. Your baby is dead. You are not to blame.

Live. You’ll get wiser. Everyone fucks up. Everyone.

The ‘what if’ game will only hurt until you stop.

This is true, but think: If I was not continuing on with myself, would I have ever wrote this? The answer is simple, no. I have enough confidence to admit my faults and to move on with my life.

Now I feel better. :smiley:


I don’t usually read this Forum but was directed here by someone. Tab is right. And I hope you’ve found someone you can discuss this with. Someone who won’t judge. Someone with whom you can also discuss what made you feel as you did two years ago. Maybe writing here is the first (or an early) step.

Anyway, I hope you ARE moving on with your life and finding something that gives you meaning, or happiness, or at least a little peace of mind every now and then. And I hope that each year around this time you can surround yourself with friends, loved ones, positive memories, work, or whatever else you need to ensure that this anniversary doesn’t bring you back to how you felt two years ago.

Peace, ANight…

If you need a pick-me-up, “Brighton Rocks,” especially live, always does it for me, as well as Gimme the Prize (One Vision ain’t too shabby either, with almost anything off of their first two albums being pretty awesome too…)

ANight it is inestimably important for you to confide in people other than faceless 'netizens, so please take the advice given. Also, you are asking for help but never follow up. You can either thank us or tell us to go to hell, or something, but when people respond wanting to help, it’s generally a good idea to acknowledge the gesture.

God bless,

maybe she’s too occupied or too busy to respond, or maybe she simply dosn’t think that the advises are practically useful to her. but so far, she managed to respond to most replies here

nietzsche was in love with his sister? from what source? from most scouces as far as i know, fritz had a lot of differences with beth, mainly due to her nazism and stupidity, so how can you burn up the most important philosopher of the century, or the milenia should i say?

“god bless”? man you could be a little bit more helpful than that surely…

Or the millennium should you say. :wink:

yes, wouldn’t you agree though?

or the biliona, triliona, ziliona, even the infinitum should i say?



  • nietzsche

I was going to say thank you to everyone, but I kept losing track. Therefore thank you so much to all of you who helped me andwho are still helping me.


Uniqor it’s just a quote from the movie. They were burning items in order to keep warm. I believe it was a couple of people in a library, they were grabbing books and Nietzche fell out, and the short (comical) discussion ensued. And I know very little about Friedrich Nietzche. Have never read him. Had to memorize the damn name though, because it kept coming up last year when i joined!!! lol :-p

^ See, one of my rude awakenings was to learn that faith was almost an object of ridicule on here, and that one’s mention of the Lord, of God, of spirit, or soul even in passing was scorned. As one who has been struggling with his faith, this has been an unwelcomed stop on my journey, since so many here are formidably intelligent and… well, it just ain’t the place to be if you want to “strengthen your faith,” let’s put it that way! :laughing::lol:

And yeah - i was prolly a bit preachy up there. Anyway. So Uniqor, my apologies for sniping at your spelling (the most frivolous of ad hominem follies :smiley:) and my admiration for your mature reaction.


p.s. Ok what is this “gotishot” mean… :confused::-? :expressionless:

sorry, when nietzsche comes up on somebody’s sig, i’d assume that he has at least heard of the news that god is dead

so friend, nietzsche reckons that god is dead, killed by all of us, especially by those trancsended christians (whose pusedo-christian posts you can find here), now you might want to remove the man from your sig, you’d be doing both of us a favour there

I’ve done the compulsory cursory self-education, yes.

I’m aware of the “God is dead” line which is so often and wrongly attributed to him (the line is actually ‘spoken’ by a parabolic character, is it not?)

So friend, God reckons the F. Nietzche is deceased and bears no greater legacy in death than does His Son… Understand, I could ask that people cease ridiculing “Him,” but somehow…

I just don’t see it happening. :sunglasses:

before zarathustra, in die frohlichwisenschaft, nietzsche firstly wrote the line: gott ist tot

nietzsche worths much more to many than the crusified ancient jew, in fact, to many, he is the true prophet, messiah, in the man’s own words - the heavey raindrop telling people that the lightening is coming, and the lightening is the ubermensch

the zarathustra was printed together with the bibles to distribute tot he first world war german soldiers in the western front, and now people go to the library to read zarathustra rather than the bible

god is dead, nietzsche is alive and kicking. but of course you don’t see that, you’ve got to be in the mainstream enviroment, instead the little old church, st john sir…