Truthvalue become Truth.

Is it not reasonable to consider the possibility that our only access to free will is through language? If it is true that culture is king and, that the king has NO right to first night; then maybe the affect of word is real and therefore, truthvalue becomes Truth.

I mean, if i can take the words of Herodotus and some stuff from the epic of Gilgamesh; couple them to a realization of myown perdicament and by that increase the net joy integral and, perhaps increase the viability of reason to past the end of time; then maybe truthvalue becomes Truth.

it is not reasonable…

I can freely choose to raise my left hand rather than my right hand and that choice takes places completely outside of language… the language is brought in afterward to describe what was chosen…


Perhaps; it might also be that language is brought in prior, even if only internally.

I will make the argument that if language is a motivating factor then the act is agentic and masculine; if language is not brought in prior, or is not a motivating factor, then the act is feminine and communal. I would make the point that if language is not brought in prior then the act and its motivating factors are often difficult to put into words.