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BAND: Arch Enemy
SONG: Despicable Heroes

*Note - The singer is a woman! :evilfun:

I spit in your face, preachers and leaders
Spewing false dogma to their believers
A nation of wolves haunting the sheep
Their fangs in your flesh
So painful and deep

Despise your heroes
Living a lie
Despicable heroes
Fooling the blind
(Open your mind)

Puppets on strings, face on the ground
Nothing more than a shallow farce
Consume the young, thoughtless ones
Eat their brain, leave them blind
And then destroy

I spit in the face of your preachers and leaders
Spewing false dogma to their believers
A nation of fools, nothing but sheep
Their fangs in your flesh, so painful and deep.

Project 86
“Stein’s Theme”

[i]Rising up above this wickedness
And unfazed by your endless myths
Hands all around reach to slow him down
He’s all about this sound

We aren’t playing by your rules
We’ll never play the fools
So, no, you can’t take what’s inside of me

All about the sound from way out
He’s got the scars just to prove he’s “down”
No apologies to confuse his brain
His argument is sustained

He’s walking, non-stopping out of the shadows
Sounds of the new-he’s got a look in his eye
(that says) There’s something more than you’re feeding him
He’s not afraid to say…no
You’re talking, non-stopping echoing voices
But nothing you said made a dent in my head
I’m hearing you fearing him 'cause he’s not afraid
He’s not about bowing down to what you say

You hate us 'cause we’ll never go away
And like some sort of fungus we’re growing everyday
And our knuckles aren’t dragging so I guess that leaves to say
Our message isn’t stopping until you drag us all away

Hear the silent ignorant voices spew:
“You’re all a pack of disoriented youth”
He lives to see the day those vices end
But until then I’ll send this…

Off to you[/i]

Listen Here : … roduction/

My friend! You’re here! Ladies and gentlemen, What The Crap has arrived! YAHOO! :smiley:

Some more good Arch Enemy… :evilfun:


SONG: We Will Rise

Tear down the walls
Wake up the world
Ignorance is not bliss

So fed up with second best
Our time is here and now

I am the enemy
I am the antidote
Watch me closely
I will stand up - now

We will rise
Rise above

Stereotype Fools
Playing the game
Nothing unique
They all look the same
In this sea of mediocrity
I can be anything
Anything I want to be

We will rise

I stumble upon these three songs, some of the worst lyrics I have ever read. I’m sure the songs themselves are much better, but I’ll refrain from putting myself through that.

Worst lyrics in what way?
Don’t bother listening to the music if you’re not a fan of metal.
When you say “the songs themselves”, do you mean the sound or style of music. Because they are all yelling growling metal. A style that most people can’t stand! :evilfun:

If people couldn’t tell, my old friend WhatTheCrap was posting Christian metal lyrics to combat Arch Enemies’ ummmm, clearly not-Christian lyrics.

Hey WTC, what did you think of the two songs? (music-wise, not lyrics)

Some nice grooves for sure. I am kinda half into metal anymore. Not sure why. Some days I really enjoy it. Some days not.
Project 86 is really my fav group these days. I just think they have a great balance of vocal intensity, interesting lyrics, and grooves. For me it’s the vocal style (tourniquets ultimate downfall) that makes a song intense - not so much the grind or beating. If Tourniquet had Andrew Shwabb (Project’s singer) as their lead vocalist they would rule and probably be way more popular.

While I admire speed metal drummers skill, the machine gun thrashing speed-monkey beats just start to all sound the same. (not speaking of Tourniquet’s unique beats)
Now - I’m not really saying Project’s drummer does anything really great at all - it could certainly be more technical and creative.

I get bummed cause I hear of a new group and I listen to their stuff and I always like some aspect of their style a lot - but as a whole…it usually doesn’t work as well.

Does that sorta make sense?

Oh God!.. shit.

Almost blew me of my chair when it begun, i wasn’t expecting metal.

Well Boss, you assume wrong.

dont tell me what to try

I love how hard Despicable Heroes starts! It just slams in! I can’t believe it’s a chick shrieking like that! I fucking love that song!

Try shrieking like the chick from Arch Enemy! :laughing:

I love this shit, but iv been arch enemy fan for a while. shes fucking hott. angela all the way. good band. WE WILL RISE! METAL! WE WILL RISE!

All that Remains- Not alone is a good song.

Check them out.

As i Lay dying too, but you have probably heard of them.

Dark Traquility

The Haunted

Motograter…little softer tho, compared to those

Hey by the way BANE. Can you keep putting music up on here with those links, it kicks ass i cant get music at work but i can listen to those. so if you could put a list of some that would be awsome. if not. o well.

I downloaded the whole Arch Enemy discography via TORRENTS.

Just get Utorrent or Azureus or Bit torrent and then go to a site like and download anything and everything you want.
Of course don’t download them if you don’t already own them, because that would be unethical. :wink:

Work blocker i cant dl…but ill try.

heard of all the music i listed?

I’m pretty sure I saw As i Lay dying at a concert
I know I saw The Haunted here at a concert

Some of my favorite bands (within metal) are In Flames, Soul Fly, Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Korn, SOAD, RATM, Mortification, Tourniquet (The last two most people don’t know who they are)(The are heavy metal Christian and I grew up on them)

I’ve seen Pantera, Soulfly and Morbid Angel at a concert a while ago in LA. I’ve seen In Flames, the Haunted, and Shadows Fall up close at a VERY small venue (I could touch them) and I saw Soulfly again at that same venue. (here in tiny Bend, Oregon of all places!)

thats sick! i would love to see As i Lay live. Arch Enemy would be good too. I cant get enough of them.

I read some review of a real fan that saw Arch Enemy live and was very disappointed. He said they did not come off near as powerful as the recordings. Her voice probably busted or seemed weak! :laughing: