TWINKLE, TWINKLE a poem from June ?? 2006

only star, lonely star…
it’s so cold down here
where night reigns unchecked
beneath these dark heavens
and the distant light
of y’r poor torch
provides no comfort
as it crosses from
so very far away
this emptiest empty cosmos

only star, lonely star…
do you mourn y’r lost siblings
(elders And offspring as well)
who perished so long ago
while y’r immortal glow
serves up some warmed-up
memories to keep you company
as you burn eons more
a pointless spark in this deepest abyss
—y’r infinite solitude

only star, lonely star…
as sole eye-witness
to the passing of life’s
last example from this vast
and ceaselessly expanding universe
did you notice this profound absense
whether it was too primitive
a life-form to value
or sentient enough to worship
y’r weak glimmer as most divine