Two *first* Humans

Is it possible that the Creator made the first humans in two different spots on Earth? Say…Mesopotamia and Australasia? A National Geographic article posted that remains have been found of the farthest dated back human skeleton somewhere amongst Indonesia…but they said it would be impossible to cross the ocean length, even at the Last Ice Age, to the other islands…so how did they get there, or get across to multiply? I think two first humans is very possible, it’s just not socially wanted.

It is supposed by geologists that all the worlds continents were at one time joined together. I think it was called the Pangea, or something like that.

I guess the relevence of this depends on the dates. But that’s a reasonable explaination for land-bound species inhabiting two or more continents.


" I think two first humans is very possible, it’s just not socially wanted."

This of course is absolutely impossible. How in the world could Eve ever have gotten the apple across the ocean to Adam?


God works in mysterious ways (get-out clause for all theology)

if there were only two humans to begin with, then we were all the product of incest…

Did “Pat” Robertson post this question?

Even if he did, I would like to know his source, because it sounds interesting.

In my opinion if you want to talk about creator we must examine the very first cause which He initiated to start this whole VAST TIMELESS EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS which eventually led to us. If we came from 2 places it was necesary to be this way for otherwise we would not have materialised. Wow, im rather tipsy, i might regret hitting the post button. I realise i have not answered your question, but here my opinion for what its worth.


well my point was…who’s to say that Adam and Eve lived together on the same "continent, and if it were Pangaea, who’s to say they were present at that moment in time? I am in some regards, excluding the Adam and Eve imagery since it does state that they were somewhat made ‘‘together.’’ But that does raise an interesting question, are we all products of incest? And if so, did that play a vital role in our evolutionary production? Why are modern day incest-born babies so different from regular people if we are all incest with each other? But yet, then we wield the torch of genetics, some 10^(24) possibilities in genetics for how we turned out the way each of us did, so who’s to say that incest shouldn’t effect us now. I am not Pat Robertson…and I was debating w/ my dad one night a couple years ago about this question, and I recently decided just to plot it onto this sight to see what others might think…I’m a high school sophomore.