Two Thoughts

Thought 1:

Why have I not heard mention of Swami’s in a long time? They were on Popeye, then I recall the word Swami in a Monkee’s episode. Later, I met a Swami foe in Streetfighter, the game. But then it disappeared from my lexicon for like twenty years, not uttered, nor heard. Sheesh. Swami’s are cool and you’d think with all this middle east crap going on there’d be a Swami – I know they’re Hindu but still. Mullahs, Sheiks, Imams, but no Swami’s, I feel very ripped off.

Thought B:

Why on earth has no one made a film adaptation of the Namco classic video game Dig Dug? It seems obvious to me. Ben Stiller runs around digging holes and pumping monsters full of air till they explode. The only conundrum being what Owen Wilson would do in the film, since there’s only one Dig Dug hero. Oh! He could be the coach. When the Dig Dug guy is resting between boards he goes to see the coach. Solved. See? It’s true what they say about me: Genius.

I was just thinking the same thing!

Thought A:

What is the ideal platonic form of a cookie? My guess is a chocolate chip cookie. Or maybe a sugar cookie. Not a peanut butter cookie. And definitely NOT oatmeal raisin – that dude can go the fuck home. He has no chance.

Thought 2:

What are the cookies of famous philosophers? Each one had a favorite cookie, funny how it doesn’t mention it in the history books. Kant liked white chocolate macadamia. Wittgenstein prefered ginger snaps. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but it tells us something about cookies. Namely, nothing.

The ultimate philosopher’s snack;


also available in a Chocolate variety…

Surely you both know that Leibniz the man disdained the product and packaging of the Leibniz waifer, which was made by (and named for) Igor Wilhelm Leibniz, a cousin of dubious integrity. Leibniz wrote of cookie theory at length, stating that cookies are composed of tiny windowless crumbs that zoom around like little spaceships controlled by God, making only the best possible cookie, which he presciently dubbed “Mrs. Fields with M&Ms,” at least two decades before the birth of Gwendoline Fields – founding mother of Mrs. Fields’ Bitters, Rumps and Fineries, which of course later became the Mrs. Fields philosophers speak of today. Way to go Leibniz!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

mmm… choco-Leibniz… =P~