Ueberchristianity: The coming of the Superchrist

What has Destiny brought us, but Doubt?
Why is there no Law in Hope?
Who stares at the End of a Barrel?
All of us become Death.

Eternal Life: The Blossom of the forbidden Hour.
We have to imagine someThing greater than All the prophecies have predicted. An even greater Chaos, an even greater Justice.
We only have to imagine our Selves.

Christ, holy Blossom, where is the Root from which the Tree of which you are such a splendid Image is grown? Where is the Earth, on which it feeds?

Sorry but i think your post is wierd.

Once we get the technology to repair our genes, eternal life wont be a biggie.

I’m one for moderate values. I like things to be mild and not extreme.

If i’m reading your op right, you’re saying we need something extreme or super.
I don’t think so but could you clarify what you mean?

Doubt indeed. But as doubt is decreased, Truth is increased.

And what has destiny got to do with it? The ultimate victory of Truth is neither pre-ordained nor certain.

I believe that your post is expressive and that you are not really looking for an answer from one of us, as far as those questions go. Nice style, I liked it. Was it a superficial muse or triggered by something going on in your life that is more serious? Maybe a bout with depression or insomnia?

Is that Super Zombie Jesus?

You should become a preacher. You have a fine line in self reinforcing axiomatic platitudes. :stuck_out_tongue:

God is omnisicent thus for him the universe is determined, that’s the whole point of the compatibilist movements. Ie free will and determinism are compatible.

If uncertainty exists then God is not omniscient and he lied, a paradox since he cannot.

*God vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Destiny is but presence.
The only authority in Hope is yourself.
Disrupted rhythms stare.
Death is just a Destiny, it is not what we, ourselves, become.

Hey Omar, thanks. Yes, you picked that up right, they’re not questions to which I expect answers, sometimes things you want to say come in the form of questions. Superficial musing certainly, insomnia, kind of - depression, no, I’m great.

I think it was in the end about this:

Eternal Life: The Blossom of the forbidden Hour.

I just came out like that, but I understand what I meant.

Beurrrk. (I try to answer in context)

I hope that never happens.

What I’m saying, addressing your idea of extremity, is that the insights and transcendental experiences of christianity are but the outer skin of God-experience.

Hello Jakob:

— What I’m saying, addressing your idea of extremity, is that the insights and transcendental experiences of christianity are but the outer skin of God-experience.
O- A drop of water can never be the ocean and never know what the ocean knows…but the ocean is in a drop of water as there are drops of water in the ocean.

I believe that Christianity should return to the expression of mystery once again. It is so sad to see what it has become today, as I see it, an appeal to our needs, to our perspective, with God standing only as an employee of our needs, our perspective, at least here in America. There is no longer that renunciation of this life, but the embrace of it. Perhaps this is Nietzsche’s legacy, as Christianity adjusted to answer it’s criticism. But what did it loose? The mystery. The kingdom of God became a kingdom of means and everything has a purpose…even God’s will. Einstein believed that God does not play dice…well, not anymore, not in our hearts. Everything is explained, and as we do reach better “models”, we connect to the facsimile of God, the Idea becomes God and we are at peace…But how much will this peace cost us? How much unconvenient truths will one have to marginalize that contradict the idea? As we reach higher up the mountain the air is purer and our burden ever lighter. How proud a vapor feels as it raises above the chaos of the ocean? But to it all drops must return and our time as drops with finite forms and pattern will soon end and we are lost again in the ocean below, just as the rock rolls downhill for Sisyphus…always downhill.

No one should take this as nihilism but as honesty.

Jesus is a good expression of the situation of Christianity. Like the Church, Jesus had a defined, well developed IDEA of God and what to expect. Like Sisyphus, he had rolled his rock up the mountain quite high. Yet, if we believe in the honesty of Mark, he too sees his best interpretation of God come crashing down, rushing downhill and he pleads with the Ocean as if it were a drop of water.

I wonder if uber-christianity is a oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, or if there is a future for it or a future for the life of the honest soul within it, or if we need new skins for this new wine.

I think we’re partly on the same page here - in thinking that Christianity no longer fulfills the religious needs we have. I agree that religion should supercede practicality, that it should provide an image of greatness, to which can be aspired, which can be marvelled and wondered at, feared, hoped for, etc.

I disagree that this would be the result necessarily of a detriment in how Jesus is perceived. I would say we as humanity might have actually raised our awareness, and come to grips with what Jesus stood for - I would see Carl Jung as the foremost agent of this coming to grips, no wonder, since his understanding stems from both Freud and Nietzsche, as well as deep knowledge of mystical traditions and experience with them.

What follows from this, and that is where I was going with this post, is that we need something higher than Christianity. A religious, or really mystical, model that presents a higher standard that the Christ. I believe we have access to this, and that even Christianity itself might have been a function of this higher, more comprehensive, more awe inspiring model, of which Christianity can be understood as a part.

To understand what we seek for in such a model we could try to understand first what we seek in Christianity. The mystical/psychological function of Christ is a self-sacrifice, self overcoming in that way, and thereby an awakening of conscious self-regard, which by the unfathomable ways results in self-love, which shares a mechanism with appreciation of all orders as they function around oneself. This mechanism, which results in individuation, is part of a system of mechanisms, over which a supernal consciousness is presiding, and which results in being itself.

We have come to terms with outselves, now it is time to come to terms with being. The deplorable state of philosophy, which should describe the physical state of being between man and his environment, is a sign that this task is not accepted by mankind. We only accept the psychological implications of religion, which is the function of Christianity. ‘‘Ueberchristianity’’ as I put it, would literally come on top of Christianity. It accepts the highest attainments of it as premisses, and builds from there on a holy image, this time not of man, but of civilization. The Christian revolution was in seeing God as man, whereby the understanding of man was elevated to mythical proportions. What can we now place above us, that is of mythical proportions to us, and is capable of inspiring the kind of devotion that the tyrant-God did and still does to the underpriviledged people who live without science? We need a God-idea which presides over the scientific paradigm. Science must be humbled by a new inspiration, without losing any of it’s magnificence. In that way it can become a servant to us, a proud worker for a majestic race.


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