UFO's are real according to MoD report

Having read the article… is this true or just a cover up?

  • This is blatantly a cover up by the government, why the secrecy and why has this not been discovered before?
  • This is true, it makes sense… a lot of UFO’s are bright and look as if they could be caused by nature.
  • Get over it, nerd.
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According to a"top secret" (my ass) MoD report UFO’s are real, but not as we have come to know them through science fiction. Apparently they are freak weather incidents, similar to lightening, that involve magnetics. Apparently they can also make you see things you arnt realy seeing. How convinient.
Personaly I think this is a load of bollocks. A cover up of course.


Even if this is true, it doesnt account for all incidences of UFO encounters.

UFO is very real…



red-ice.net/specialreports/2 … ience.html

Until someone can produce the first piece of alien material or a body, they ain’t real. All the sightings, all the ‘abductions’ haven’t a shred of anything to stand on until there is physical proof. No matter what you would like to believe, the proof is in the puddin’, and all the conspiracy theories in the world aren’t going to change that.

I’m sure that there are people who are 100% convinced that they have ‘seen’ or that they were ‘abducted’, but until physical evidence is presented, UFO’s ain’t real.

I wish they were, though. It would be nice to know that there is intelligent life in the universe. :unamused:

I think based on the fact that the universe is infinate, it is a logical certainty that there is another life form out there.
But I agree, the physical evidence is lacking.

ok, I don’t believe there is any proof yet substancial enough to proove UFO’s.

But here is another questions I pose (if I can hijack the thread a little)

Would you make out with an alien, if it/he/she was hot? :unamused:

on a related topic, how come aliens always seem to be anally probing people? how much can there be to find up some farmers’ butts.

I mean really, they’ve travelled across the unimaginable distances of deep space to probe humanity’s rectum? Come on.

I think if the girl alien was hot I’d probably make out with her. Especially if she had like two or three tongues.


I don’t think this is a fact…


Granted, there will always be the few that disagree with this fact. But if the universe is not infinate, then what is beyond it?

Technicaly that would be beastiality, but if the Alien was hot then I probably would. But I doubt it would be hot.

aliens on mercury are hot…


  • I know that your ass is top secret, I’ve read the documentation about it and seen the diagrams.

  • You have 3 butt holes, and this is the most marvelous thing the human species has ever known.

  • Charles Darwin rose from the dead to try to find you and figure out how deep a change you will cause unto humanity.


  • Mold from peanut butter mutated into an intelligent and psionically impowered macro organism.

  • You know that amphibians exist but do you believe I am Karmit?

Knowing and believing are seporate things.

Oh hell yeah, but she’d only do it to seduce me onto her spaceship.
Then she would have to to get my semen somehow, so she could make her super humans!!
It’d be totally worth it though!! :evilfun:
Probably wouldn’t remember it…though I bet she’d leave a mean hickey.

I don’t know how to take this , UFO’s are one of the things i lack intrest in.
if they have a big arse solar-powered cannon to destroy the earth and all it’s organisms , i could care less if the governments considers them a problem , the dead are far more superior then the living anyways (says me if anybody bothers asking) we would just be transffered into new bodies and a new “home” anyways.

Lack of worry constitutes for a lack of interest? Whether or not UFO’s do exist and will destroy us all, its still interesting.

I must agree.

But let’s ask why the “aliens” would be “covered up” if they were a “coverup”? What motive for coverup would be mose likely?

If, for example, a small population of aliens mannaged to take control of human some government, they would know that the masses did not want to have a non-human leader, therefor they would avoid telling the masses.

If aliens truly do exist, my main idea has been:

These creatures have different technological paradigms then we do, and their “technology” is based upon such “magick” as psionics. These beings can shift from astral-to-physical form, so that in their astral form they can travel from point A to point B instantly. They “studied” humans and “communicated” with humans psychicly, aswel as studying many other species in many other worlds(?). They do not need to eat food or build things out of materials the way that we do, thus they have no interest in “taking over the world”. If they ever did communicate with a government, they most likely sent the ruler(s) a few messages then left [in an almost prophetic way, telling them to not waste their lives?].

As you all know, the universe is far less hostile to non-physical life forms, and I believe chances of life appearing somehow non-physically–are higher then chances of physical life evolving.

I was gonna say that the governement would cover it up in an attempt to stop national panic and fear. But thats a hollywood response, im sure the government would love panic and fear. A paniced and fearful public are easly used to do crazy things.

If the aliens were physical beings, they would need allot of supplies and life support during travel, and also would have a hard time traveling through space, due to how much energy is needed to move matter from A to B in a short time, but if they became energy–their movement would be naturally fast and a property of their elemental structure?

if aliens did come in contact with humans, then I assume they would only destroy or use this planet if there was some need to do some.

And if they did have the capacity to move through space in a way that would find us, which would be a remarkable feat (to us impossible at this time) I would also assume that they are more advanced than we are, and therefore would probably have little use in our undeveloped earth.

However, if they see in us our inherent human desire for domination, they might just say, “let’s save the solar system and get rid of this parasite”

Unless they love mcdonalds, then they would probably either take us over, or befriend us. I think it is very probable that aliens like mcdonalds.

you don’t think grimace was from earth do you?