uh oh...this is worrying...

:confused: abc.net.au/cnnnn/video/ep07_ … ankees.ram

i think you need broadband for this clip, sorry 56kers, your missing out !

well, hey it just proves the educational system over here really works.
Knowledge is power, and now it would be very bad for the Gov if you actually knew your history and such things, you’d actually care to question them! and we can’t have people asking questions…:wink:

lol just saw this again, was just as funny…

You can’t expect us Americans to know what state “Kentucky Fried Chicken” originated in. Probably North Carolina or something like that. The leader of Al Quaeda? Yasser Arafat? What is he thinking?!? Everybody knows Tony Blair is the leader of the well known British suicide terrorist organization. Get brains people! Just remember, not all Americans are stupid, but 99.9% of them are!

You funny! I like funny! heehee :smiley: :laughing: :smiley: