UK link to terror snatches

A very disturbing article in the Guardian on Monday. The CIA has been abducting terrrorism suspects from the UK. They have flown into and landed in the UK 210 times! since 9/11. MOD is turning a blind eye.The US intelligence term is ‘extraordinary rendition’ or more colloquially ‘snatching’. Washington admits it and says it is not in contravention of human rights law. … 9,00.html#


question is, have they abducted 210 people, or did they just fly around ? and were those people british citizens ?

It’s impossible to know at this stage. Very disturbing none the less. I guess all things are eventually revealed, just a matter of time…


I don’t know how revealed they will be. Are you aware of the case of Maher Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian citizen who was picked up by the US–with Canada’s knowledge–and sent to Syria b/c he was on some “list” b/c he had previously visited Syria (where he’s from…surprise!). Of course he was tortured there and he told officials that (subtley but clearly, as he was being watched) and held for a year in a grave-like cell.

We have an inquiry into this and the US refused to release its pertinent info., so as not to be held accountable, and it took a hell of a lot of time for Arar to get Canada to open up about what it knew and did or did not do. Even then, it was evident that at least one top official was and is lying about everything (written reports from other officials prove this) and do you think anything will happen to him?

BTW, aspacia has mentioned that one of the former captives of Gitmo ended up getting caught again for trying to attack the US or something like that. Has anyone else heard of that, or is it an urban legend?

Finally, and this will drive the “anti-skeptics” (or anti-septics, since they like to keep everything so “clean”) crazy, some are arguing that the four Londoners were patsies, along the lines of James Earl Ray and Oswald. I know, no evidence of that yet, but as I always stress, history is the greatest predictor of the future, and we know the CIA and related agencies will do ANYTHING to further their ambitions and needs…

If there’s no threat, what good are you? - Robert De Niro to William H Macy in Wag the Dog

I think the four london bombers were idiots. I see no conspiracy, no guiding hand, no necessary connection. Given the scale of the attacks, especially.

I wake up I would say at least every second or third night startled, with a sensation of my heart about to stop it’s beating so fast thinking about the state of the world. I’m not joking. It affects me deeply. It doesn’t help that most of the time I have a physical sensation of discomfort in my heart area. The truth is that none of us really knows exactly who is responsible for those bombings. Most of what we discuss is speculation but I can say that I can physically feel the discomfort of the world’s heart. I know this is all very esoteric, but the truth of the matter is that I do trust my intuition, you know for me it is physically connected - a way for me to know that something is not right. You know someone can phone you and say in a certain tone, “A, I have to speak to you”, and simply because of that person’s intent my heart can skip a beat and I can know that something is up. It’s a matter of trusting our physical responses. Not placing judgements on them, not speculating but trusting until things are revealed. Sometimes just because we trust ourselves, our enquiries are rewarded. Sometimes just because we are open to our own intuitive abilities we are able to perceive something we weren’t able to perceive before. Sometimes simply by the genuine openess to know, we are gifted with a revelation. I believe that everything eventually is revealed.

I think that the qualities called for are sensitivity, intuition, openess…pointing fingers comes out of fear…