Unfair dismissals

Do people support unfair dismissals? if employer thinks the employee is not good enough and hires someone else, do you think he has the right to do so, provided given adequate payments for sacking of course.

The issue of industrial relations is limited to a scrutiny on the power of the employer. Though the employer is powerful, so can the employee. The employee provides the profit to the employer. If an employee is very useful, then he does not have to worry so much about dismissal because he knows in the event of a dismissal, the employer will rationally speaking suffer more.

The employee ought be useful to the employer. The role of a government is to provide the trainings to assist the disadvantaged, who wants to better themselves be able to better themselves. Thus more training is needed, and more monetary support.

From a psychological point of view, harshiness in earlier life leads to a hardline, more conservative attitude in later life, for those who have succeeded looks down on those whom have failed, and in their eyes, the failed started off on the same ground and thus any failure must be the fault of their own. This again pushes the community to the right.