unified feild theory

many scientists have been trying to establish a unifying theory to integrate the five primary interactions: gravity, electrical, magnetic, weak atomic, and strong atomic.

so far electricity and magnetism have been found as intrinsically related, as have strong and weak atomic forces, but gravity has yet to find basis, I doubt this is a unique concept but i believe a strong reason for this is how we as a culture and a scientific community cling to the concepts of particle theory and mass as real concepts and not results. a point i may get back to later however for this point that is unimportant.

i propose a simple hypothesis, what if gravity is the resultant attraction of electrical forces between atoms much like the force of attraction a charged object has on a neutral object.

alright since i know that seems like nonsense as its described now allow me to expand upon it differently,

you have two atoms, we’ll use helium as an example and in this basic atom (lets bypass sub atomic particles for now) and with this atom we have several forces to calculate

proton attraction to electron
proton attraction to neutron
proton repulsion to proton

as well as
electron repulsion to electron and
electron attraction to neutron

when you add up these forces you effectively should get the net attraction between the two atoms, now since my education is currently limited to high school graduate (secondary school in some places if I’m not mistaken) i don not have these numbers in front of me and since i have been out of school for 8 years i have no easy means of acquiring them, however i am under the impression the resultant attraction will be very close to that of gravity, if I’m not mistaken

To put into perspective how I came across this concept I thought of how many people seem to believe gravity is caused by mass and I realized mass was in essence an observable effect of gravity, which to me is like saying velocity is caused by time and acceleration is caused by velocity and not the force driving it. to me the paradox of this logic provoked the question of what was the cause of gravity and that’s where the hypothesis came to mind.


You believe that protons and electrons are attracted to neutrons by something other than mass attraction??

You clearly have the internet.

Here’s a link to help you start:

At first glance it looks to me as though you are, although if you could show your working I could easily be convinced otherwise.

Also, what an excellent username. :slight_smile: