Unique News Around The World.

I’ll start:

dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/a … 1&ito=1490

sounds like a certain someone :wink:

:laughing: I would say that person lived a more freer life than you or I could ever comprehend not to mention they died fighting.

We should all be that lucky. :slight_smile:

( Of course I plan to comprehend it shortly in awhile although that person beat me in acting out first. :slight_smile: )

( Apparently I am not alone in my sentiments.)

yeaaah Lets move into a cave and collect berries and and hunt raccoon.
Then we can destroy the evil machines with our bows and arrows.
We can be like Tarzan king of the Apes.

It’ll be gloooorious.

I don’t seek changing the world. That is futile and hopeless. I only seek to benefit myself.

(I don’t think Alexander Bichkov was trying to change the world either.)

Besides Viet Cong tunnel encampments are far more accurate then caves and less visible.

( Tunnel Bunkers. My favorite new subject. ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe - Yes - our global crises appear beyond repair.

I find anarcho-primitivist thought very interesting. Have you by any chance read John Zerzan?

I have read John Zerzan’s books along with Jared Diamond’s and many others.

Zerzan is a non-academic philosopher in every sense of the word. Even though I diagree with many of his ideas, I love his writing style. Its very in-your-face, unapologetic, and not the way they teach you to write in grad school.

abcnews.go.com/GMA/PainManag … id=4520099

Teen: “Hey mom and dad I want breast surgery to make all the boys crazy in order that I can get boned real good on prom night.”

Parents: “Hey that is a great idea honey.” “Those highschool boys will be looking down your shirt in no time.”

Teen: “Will you guys put up the money for my boob job?”

Parents: “Sure.”

( Enters the surgery and the teen dies with a boob job gone astray.)

Parents: “Our daughter died. We were only trying to help her sex life out by making her into a Paris Hilton.” :-"


Paul McCartney is forced to offer 235 million dollars to his divorced wife.

Once again we can see that a bitch who sleeps around with a powerful figure protected by aggressive resentful feminism can do with large doses of political correctness at her disposal.

Kick… ass

This guy is my fucking hero

Joker, you sure this isn’t your clone?

Mine, too. :laughing: :slight_smile:

[b]Today’s news is the subject of how global warming does not exist or at the very least is such a small issue that we should not concern ourselves with.

In other news a giant ice glacier has broken of the tip of Antartica that is the size of Manhattan…[/b]

news.nationalgeographic.com/news … tica-.html

[b]In news today: Thousands of parents remain hostile worldwide to the internet game Miss Virtual Bimbo where teenage girls play for dollars in order to get plastic surgery, facelifts and relationships with rich wealthy men.

They are also taught in this this game the exercise of purging in order to lose weight.

Truely we think to ourselves that there exists no people in the world celebrated that would influence such games like these in our society.

The fault of games like these does not remain with the media or the parents but instead lay in the fault of the game’s producer.

Let’s target the game’s producer for such a awful person that he or she is.


news.com.au/heraldsun/story/ … 62,00.html

[b]In other headline news hollywood and media darlings Britney Spears along with Paris Hilton are acting crazy in public again.

Truely they remain public entertainment for us all…


Thank you for reminding me why I don’t read the news anymore! :wink:


I figured I would create this spoof news thread as a way that I can articulate other people’s bullshit namely the media’s in expressing things more clearly then they actually do themselves.

So far I have alot of ideas. :laughing:

Spoof news? It sounds like real stuff to me–if I see another fucking Britney Spears headline I’m going to fucking go crazy and start sniping off women who buy that stupid shit. Then again, that would mean more male competition fighting me over competent females… :frowning:

thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008 … ntroversy/

In recent news we see how running mate for United States president senator Obama has been caught to be in attendance with a racist Chicago church.

Of course Obama came out saying he knew nothing of the racial political beliefs of the church as a member of 20 years being there and that he condemned such beliefs once he found out about them in 20 years of attendance.

Once again we see that in a politically correct United States a black or non-white man going to a racist church and event can in no way be a racist but instead is expressed merely as a misunderstanding like the politically correct media portrays.