Uniting America!

The United States is divided–the most it has been divided since the Civil War–(and about as divided as it was during the 60s… though nothing in history says the 60s brought the US to the brink of civil war)–and indeed the rest of the world are a bunch of monkeys who do as they see. Biden promises to reunite the nation, bringing the seething animosity between left and right, capitalists and communists, to a cool state of tranquility. So far these seem like empty words, his only strategy being to pass a bunch of executive orders that seem devoid of any forethought except that they will appease his constituents (i.e. leftists)–so far from uniting both sides, he seems to be on a side. This is no surprise of course–he is a Democrat after all–but at least with Trump, he followed through with his word (or at least tried).

Well, if Biden won’t do it, someone else must. I’m certainly not that person–not merely because I’m a measly pleb but because I’m not even American (Canadian over here)–but I do want to propose a move towards reunification.
I think what America needs is a reorientation of its primary conflict–that is, a switch away from left vs right–and towards the people vs the government. I believe that if the people are going to reunite at all, it’s gonna have to be without the government, it’s gonna have to be against the government, a common enemy, the one who has been manipulating and brainwashing the massed through the media to feed the divide rather than close it. God knows Biden isn’t trying–though he has lots of fancy words that the naïve and uninformed might buy–so the people have to take matters into their own hands and don’t invite the government to the party.

This proposal is obviously not the solution the Democrats might be imagining (if they’re imagining a solution at all), and I’m not sure it counts as a “uniting” for the nation as a whole in the first place, but this is why I called it a “move” towards reunification. You guys first need a reorientation of the divide–turn it 90 degrees from left vs right to people vs government–you out number them 328 million to (what?) a few thousand, maybe a few 10s of thousands–actual government officials on the federal level? Overthrow the government–not just the Democrats but Republicans as well, all of them (at least remove McConnel). They know what they got themselves into–history is littered with examples of politicians, monarchs, and dictators being decapitated and torn limb from limb by angry mobs and fed up subjects–and there’s no way those in power don’t know this is one of the hazards that come with the job (not even AOC, despite her claims of cowering in her office during the Capitol siege… which turns out to be a lie, after all–she left the Capitol long before the siege happened, but I digress). And more importantly, it is the perfect way to unite the people. Once the people as a united whole overthrow the current regime, they can setup a new one, a sort of “great reset”–not the Biden kind–but a starting over, a new beginning with capable leaders possessed of dignity and virtue, with respect for the constitution and a crystal clear memory of what it stands for, leaders who will stand for this rather than specific factions and followings, doing their bidding at any cost just to maintain their power.

The challenge here is that the left/right conflict is in full sway–more so now than it’s ever been–it’s got heavy momentum–and how do you persuade people to join with their enemy against a common foe, especially when that foe is regarded, at least by one side, as their fearless leader? How do you convince a people to betray their own kind? Well, as I said earlier, the main reason (though not the only reason) the people are so divided in the first place is because the powers that be are feeding that divide. It’s okay to have disagreeing factions, but it’s certainly not the government’s job to fuel those disagreements, at least not to the point where disagreement turns into war. So take out the source of the disagreement–that is, the fanning of the flames by the government–and maybe you have a chance of reorienting the divide.

And how do you take out the source? By taking out the tools by which it does so? What are its tools? Big Tech of course. The Democrats have been fueling the divide between left and right for several years now by hijacking Big Tech companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and several others (and I digress again, but they in turn–the Democrats–have been hijacked by the CCP to turn the US to communism). Companies–big or small–are motivated by one thing and one thing only–the bottom line–and when you have a customer like the government, that’s a pretty goddam big bottom line–enough to make them their #1 client. And the rest of us? Us mere plebs? Why, we can’t compete. We can’t pay these Big Tech companies a competitive price to make them turn their attention to us instead of Big Gov? And it’s especially damning to us that the companies are communication companies, and can therefore be used as Goliath-sized brainwashing devices–precisely the service they are being pressed to perform for their #1 client. IOW, even if we could compete with the government to buy Big Tech loyalty (<-- What would happen if we made that into a currency?), they can just easily brainwash us with their very own area of specialization to accept the status quo and go along with Big Tech and Big Government–at least the young and gullible, the lefties.

So the question is–how do we take out Big Tech? Do we literally take them out? Bomb Google headquarters, assassinate Zuckerberg? Or do we simply find a way to compete with Big Gov? Amass the astronomical cost of paying them to use their brainwashing technology against the government instead of the people? Do we get them to join the people of lump them with Big Gov to be pitted against the people?

Frankly, I have no idea how to raise enough funds among the people to make it worth Big Tech’s while to switch sides, but I do think we can take out each Big Tech companies one at a time.

Take Zuckerberg for example. We’ve all seen The Social Network–yes, it is just a movie, but it gives some insight into Zuckerberg’s past, how he started on his journey to become the Big Tech giant he is. It even ends with him hitting refresh on his sort-a girlfriend’s wall every second to see if she responded to him (was it Erica Albright or Priscilla Chan? I’m not sure). This tells me there is a girl out there who doesn’t like him, someone who not only knows a lot about him and Facebook, but might be interested in taking him down. And it’s probably not just her. There’s probably tons of people he’s screwed over. Take the Winklevoss brothers for example. Or Eduardo Saverin, the cofounder of Facebook who Zuckerberg booted at a certain point. Would they be interested in taking him down? They who have valuable information on the guy, information that would help towards taking him down? What about Sean Parker?

And what about the other Big Tech companies? What about Jack Dorsey of Twitter? Has a movie been made of him? Why shouldn’t it? The Daily Wire is getting into the film industry–producing great movies like Run, Hide, Fight, and now there’s talk about involving Gina Carano in a new production–maybe they should start producing dramatic bios of the Big Tech players (though they seem to want to remain a-political in their movie productions)–productions that not only shed light on the lives and histories of the Big Tech players but making it available to consumers as a means of raising awareness of these people’s lives and histories. And also introducing us to a whole network of actual living people who were, and maybe still are, involved in their lives and maybe would be interested in taking them down.

The point is, find their enemies–find those who not only know them but have a vendetta against them. People who might be interested in contributing, in their own unique way, to taking them down.

The other point is, we need to find the dirt on these guys. They’re corrupt already, how hard could it be to find more corruption. We need to raise awareness of it. We need to use that first to take them down. It could be done with violence and death, but I’d really prefer not to. Rather, I’d prefer to pursue a path of legal maneuvering, a path by which we can take down Big Tech without any bloodshed. And I don’t think this path will work if we aim for a grand, all-encompassing bill or amendment (although there is talk of a 28th amendment which might be worth reading as it addresses exactly this point–Big Tech being too powerful) primarily because all-encompassing laws, though applying to the problems they aim to resolve, often overreach and apply to things which aren’t problems at all and instead create problems. Instead it will be more likely to work if we attack Big Tech one player at a time. Take down Zuckerberg. Take down Dorsey. Take down Sundar Pichai. One at a time. Take down the Democrat’s arsenal. Remove their ability to brainwash the left. Then, and only then, might we stand a chance of actually communicating with the left, rather than warring, and negotiate with them to unite together and take down the real enemy–the govenrment, those who are pitting the left and right against each other–(I’m looking at the Dems but to each his own–Democrats, Republican–they’re all dirty liars who are manipulating the masses for their own personal acquisition of power)–all we need is to take out their most potent weapons–social media, the product of Big Tech today.

So after all 20 or so of us have read that (maybe 13 Americans) - which one of us did you have in mind to take down Zuckerberg? :-k

The left wants more government, bigger corruption and intrusion so how can we unite when the right wants less government, lesser corruption and intrusion?

You tangle with that power and you’ll end up on a list of like the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corpses of over 100 of their associates who died prematurely due to questionable circumstances.

Authoritarians want to divide the people so as to consolidate/unite authority - the definition of Socialism.

The people should want to divide authority so as to consolidate/unite the people - the definition of Democracy.

I was hoping you’d take up the gauntlet, obsrvr.


That is about like asking me to defund the CCP. :open_mouth:

But something has dawned on me concerning exactly what the USA did wrong to lose its soul (its anti-socialism). It was a holistic and fatal error (sin). And it involves their labor unions.

If you found a way for me to substantially affect a large US labor union (even one) - I would lay money that I could pull the rug out from under Zuckerberg and probably the entire Constitutional crisis they have suffered. :astonished:

Fortunately for me, there is no way for you to find that - so I will never have to prove it. But it is an interesting revelation - for perhaps someone over there.

The USA is actually savable (and unitable :smiley: - assuming anyone over there could wake up to the quintessential sin :confused: ).

Who me? I’m just a lowly pleb on a forgotten internet forum. No one even knows I exist.

What nationality are you, obsrvr?

If Facebook has a labor union, I’ll bet it’s a gold mine for anti-Zuckerberg sentiments. But are you saying it was the invention of labor unions that tipped America from capitalism to socialism?

What I have realized is that the USA made a critical and fatal error back when they mishandled their labor union issues - greatly compounded later with corporate structure laws and social media laws.

What they missed was that they allowed socialist structured (and very influential) entities within their constitutional State. They properly restricted the 50 States to be ruled by constitutional, separated power, law - anti-socialist. But when it came to large unions, large corporations, and large social media platforms, they let them be like foreign nations within their border. They became the cancer that killed the US Constitutional body.

It could have been prevented (and still might be able to be fixed) but the founding fathers were not around to let them know the seriously bad direction they were headed - they knew to never allow a kingdom within a constitutional nation - but those who followed were not so brilliant.


The Independents have been around quite a while but no on seems to bother with them. Of course Greenpeace and the rejoin into the environmental protection agency may start some weights to shot toward the middle from both sides.

The bottom line is the narrowed optics thastll quantify the worth of the minorities in excising profit margins from labor.

Remember how simple a trick to cross names padties by reversing their illusive optics by a sleight of hand.

How about Canadians are they this regional?

Naw you can’t ‘unite’ a society that consists of private owners of business and wage/salary earners. This is the great antagonism that will always prevent that. Here’s one way I know. Run an experiment. You’ve got a world where there’s no more racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, etc., and still there is unrest. Can you guess why? Because that original class conflict still exists and wuz never changed.

History wanted me to tell you this in case you didnt know.

The fragmentation of our society is a blessing to those who wish to maintain power.

Right wing politics shall be the death of the USA.

To some who wish to maintain power.
Right wing politics is one aspect of this.