Universe and Time

That’s why i called it a chaotic sine function.

According to RM:AO „existence is that which has affect“. If we want to know what came first and look at the natural forces for a while (only for a while!), then we have to say that the main force affectance refers to is electromagnetism, thus not gravity.

There are no forces in RM:AO. But the most fundamental form of existence is the electric potential (Potential-to-Affect, PtA), immediately followed by the propagation of electric potential (“propagation of affect”, dPtA/dt), then comes the electro-magnetic field due to the propagation being delayed and thus compressed (d²PtA/dt²). The gravity/mass field later forms from the infinite degree of chaos formed from the ultra minuscule electromagnetic pulses randomly impeding each other such as to form the increasing more dense gravity field until it forms mass (d³PtA/dt³). After that, the constructs are in the form of molecules (just as with society).

And of course, none of these came before the others in time. They have all always existed.

If I read correctly, you say they always existed, and I imply this is because they are randomly moving around in different configurations, and eventually conciousness pops up during one of these configurations. My question to you is, when consciousness ceases, will the universe continue to expand, what will happen exactly when there is no more consciousness? Is there a way that the parameters of life will never become within its random potential access range, or is the access range of potential infinite, and it has no bounds? (Ie. the universe is only expanding because we are conscious, but as soon as all planets and spaceships are destroyed and the possibility of life seems to be impossible because the universe has expanded so much and atoms cant form structures anymore, all of a sudden physics are disobeyed and new planets/structures form?

Consciousness has always existed, merely in differing places. And the universe is not expanding. From time to time, black-holes collide into each other and create new galaxies. New life forms. The universe goes on … infinitely. It is mathematically impossible for the universe to not exist … and life within it.

And RM:AO is never “disobeyed”.

Do you really mean “mathematically impossible” (and why?) or “logically impossible” or both?

The Universe as it regards the principles of Time works precisely as I say it does.

12 = Beginning Of Time
(+16 Seconds)
28 = Inner Circle Of Time
(+16 Seconds)
44 = Outer Circle Of Time
(+16 Seconds)
60 = End Of Time

Essentially, the Universe cycles every 60 hence why we have 60 Minutes and 60 Seconds.

Now, 60 is easy. The mysterious number of this Time system is “24” which is why we live each day in a 24 Hour algorithm.

I know the formula to Time, so I’ll show you the inner digital programming of “24” and how it expands into “474” and “3174”, which are the same numbers by the way.

The Formula Of Time: 24 x 54 x 84 x 18 x 18 x 18 = 634894848 (See all those 48’s? It just shows you I know what I am doing precisely).

634894848 / 2 = [3174]474[24]

3174 = 24
474 = 24
24 = 24

8 + 8 + 8 = 24
8 x 8 x 8 = 512 Bytes

Computer language, learn it, speak it, live it.

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What if we don’t want to exist? Isn’t it unethical for the universe to not make us exist, without our consent?

I consider mathematics and logic to be the same in that math is merely a subset of logic - logic applied to quantities.

I think that I already went through this on this thread, but if you are interested in the math:

There are a few new concepts involved in that reasoning (for most people) so it might take a little time to digest, but the logic and math is simple enough and irrefutable.

The existence of life in the universe has a similar reasoning to it directly implying that life has to have always existed somewhere in the universe. In fact, at all times there are an infinite number of "you"s throughout the universe, due to similar math, and always has been. You are not new to the universe.

What if you don’t want a brick to be hard? Is it unethical that it is?

If the brick doesn’t want to be hard, then it is unethical to force it to be hard, against it’s consent.

How could there be, if I am not them in the past or future?

You’re confusing physical conscientious experience for quantum unison conscientious collaborative experience.

Actually it would be (1/10)^9, I believe.

Who what herm now? Xplane.

What if consciousness is the only thing that exists? And consciousness inherently existed? Like, we’d be inside the sun, in hell, just observing the sun, but not actually “witnessing the sun”, because the sun is part of our being, inside of us. Like we are suffering, but we don’t even know we are suffering because time is timeless, we don’t even know what suffering is. take this in relationship to your homogenous statement. In homogeny, there is still “something” there, inert. True Nothingness would not be a frozen “something”.

Your statement was produced along with the logical fallacy that life is only what humans experience, however what you are experiencing is a physical grain of sand compared to the metaphysical unison of collective metaphysical apparatuses which do not think like the physical human construct. Therefore the thought of existing is a human trait based on the physical apparatuses they are encompassed by, and not the unison of indifference that echoes far in between the lines of red and white.

Where did you get that equation from?
All of your maths are incorrect sir.

An infinite line, is infA.
An infinite plane, is infA^2

An infinite line has no need for a step value, because it is infinite.
A. The equation is infinite line/stepvalue. Stepvalue=smallest possible particle in the universeamount of possible particles/total particle count. (This is greyed, because it is an iterative function. The whole process from step A to B is repeatedamount of possible particles. The first iteration the value is 1/1. After subsequent iterations, the value is the amount of possible particles/index. Index starts at 1, and increases by 1 each iteration. The graphs will indicate which particle count ratios are indicative of which probabilities. From there, we can cross reference them to mass estimations and then cross reference them to localised observations.)
Secondly, the universe is finite. We add a value, finiteline, equalling the diameter of the universe.
Time is a dimension, so we have that to add in the equation’s flux. For now, the time is finite.
The equation is now (finiteline/stepvalue)(timeline/timestep)
Then we make the line fill the entire plane of the universe.
The equation now represents a plane in time. We then expand it, to form a cube.
The universe is more of an egg shape, so we convert it into a spheroid. Cubetospherereductionfactor=C2SrF
Our equation is now
and represents a Sphere.
Since we assume the universe has no timestep, we reformulate the equation to
However, division by error occurs, so we must approximate a timestep.
We assume the smallest possible timestep is analogous to the smallest possible detectable movement, thus the smallest possible sinewave amplitude in the universe. So we create a variable, smallestpossiblesinewaveamplitude, or spsa for short.
Our equation becomes
B. ((finiteline/stepvalue)(timeline/spsa))^3/C2SrF
Since the equation is predictive of the future, we are unsure what the value of timeline is, but it is >13.8. We have two options, to make the time variables consciousness based, or materialist based. Since consciousness cannot be used to predict what is outside of itself, the materialist world, we use the materialist world based equations, to predict the formulation of consciousness.
We assume timeline to be infinite, so the equation becomes
To predict homogeny, every single particle in the universe must be in a homogenous state. Since due to heat laws, it is improbable to freeze all particles in the universe. Energy is not created or destroyed, but perhaps this is incorrect, and particles are getting colder, losing vibrations to the aether. This is possibly the reason for universal expansion, as heat energy is converted into expanding space. The possible state is that all particles have the same velocity, but in order to be homogenous all particles must have no vibration, and therefore frozen. This is a very low probability state. However, if we were to map out the equation, it would look like
chance of frozen=amount of particles in the universe at absolute zero/amount of particles in the universe*probablity of losing energy to the aether.
(being within the time frame of reference used to determine probability, usually 100 Earth years.)
probability of homogenous heatloss (pohh)=((finiteline/stepvalue))^3/C2SrF)*chanceoffrozen^-(((finiteline/stepvalue))^3/C2SrF)*chanceoffrozen)
This is a very small value, but it is not a complete equation yet. We must also multiply it by the infinite span of time.
Therefore, the equation becomes 100% probability, if the probability of losing energy to the aether is higher than zero, but the rate of gaining energy from aether is on average less than losing energy to aether. We must also infer that aether is not a particle, and is either wholly part of our consciousness, or completely undetected and irrelevant to our consciousness.
So, the chance of absolute homogeny in the time dimension, ie. no more movement in the universe, is 100%, if the probability of losing energy to the aether is higher than zero, and the rate of gaining energy from aether is on average less than losing energy to aether.
However, if all particles in the time dimension are homogenous, then the probability of physical material homogeny is zero, since atoms cannot be moved around if they are frozen!
So, we have to calculate the probably of a certain arrangement, perhaps a grid. But a grid will not work, because there is still spatial homogeny. Therefore, the only way of absolute homogeny, is through particle unison (superharmony), massive gravity violating the atomic permability laws.
When atomic permeability is breach, nuclear fusion occurs, however, in this case, gravity forces prevent nuclear fission from ever occuring. Therefore all atoms become as one, and due to their high gravity forces, they lose all vibrations. Thus, the only way to achieve absolute homogeny is through a black hole. However, the atom at the center of a black hole is still something, it has outside of it that which it is not. Therefore, absolute homogeny, the singular atom, is still something, absolute homogeny is not nothing. We assume their is no outside perciever of the atom, and thus it becomes nothing, but surely with an outside perciever, it becomes something. Therefore absolute homogeny is possible, but true nothingness is debatable, unless the gravity of the atom becomes so powerful that it collapses in on itself, and never inverts, becoming a zero value entity, impossible to see the scale of even at an infinite magnification.
Thus, we must map out black hole laws, and map the equation of how likely are the orbiting black holes going to coallesce, becoming ever bigger and bigger katamaris, eventually gaining enough momentum and stead to devour all things. We must map out the probable paths, to see if they will ever gain enough stead to diverge from their orbit, and gain enough momentum and stead to devour galaxies, and once galaxies, all things. We must determine the maximum gravitational reach of the singular atom.
Secondly, we must map out consciousness and what it is, to see if it can or will survive the singular atom.
We gloriously await our demise! :smiley:

That’s easy.

Consciousness was encoded with the number “15120”, due to our calcium ions following a “1 x 3 x 5 x 7 x 12 x 12” formula – that is 15° + 120° = 135°. 45° + 45° + 45°, essentially.

45 = 432

Therefore 432 + 432 + 432 = 1296.

Cosmic Background Radiation = 2.73666384 K

2+7+3 = 12
6+6+6 = 9
3+8+4 = 6

My numbers are 100% precise.

273 x 666 = 181818
273 x 666 x 384 = 698181112 (69 + 12 = 81); therefore 818181.

181818 + 818181 = 999999

999999 = 142857 + 142857 + 142857 + 142857 + 142857 + 142857 + 142857.

999999 in relation to what? Is 1 unit the size of an atom, a star, what?

In relation to geometry, silly.

For an example, one circle is 360° no matter how big the circle is, it’s always 360°.

Now look at the radius of our planet, Earth. 3960 Miles. That is 11 Circles (360 x 11).
Now look at the radius of our moon, Moon. 1080 Miles. That is 3 Circles (360 x 3)

Now look at my numbers again, then align them with geometrical laws and maybe you will see what I see. If not, then I may just have to hold your hand.