Universe and Time

The entire Universe was built with 123456789.

Just because you’re an ignorant mortal, doesn’t mean numbers cannot exceed your level of comprehension – they created you and your ignorance to be frank.

Where is your mathematical formula? All I see is words from you. Explain why 11 moons would fit within the permeter of a 2-D Earth.

Was there ever any doubt?

If you begin with 2 cups, you have (1/10)[1]2[/b]
With 3 cups, you have (1/10)[2]3[/b]
And with 10 cups, you have (1/10)[3]10[/b]

It is an ontological definition (“≡”), not an equation.

Well, I have been known to make mistakes, but you’ll have to show me exactly where.

Yes, and an infinite cube is infA^3
…unless you are using the real-number system so as to include decimals, then it is infA[4]6[/b].

That statement doesn’t appear to make any sense. If by “step-value” you mean one infinitesimal, such is a matter of choice and ontological definition/declaration. Any amount can be used as long as it is consistent throughout.

It has nothing to do with particles. And even if it did, what happens when you divide the smallest thing (an infinitesimal) into an infinite thing? You get infA^2.

I’m afraid with that, you got into a little too much nonsense for me. And the universe is NOT finite. What makes you think that it is?

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It appears to me…

That your numbers have no relevance to reality.

What about the opposite one: logic as a subset of mathematics? There were and are people who liked and like that very much. They think that hiding something behind mathematics is easier than hiding something behind logic. :wink:

Well, logic is a more fundamental set of principles. Mathematics deals with particulars by using abstract logic, not the other way around. Logic doesn’t use math or numbers for its principles/“laws”, but math uses logic for its theorems.

Mathematics is an axiomatically deductive system of logic which means it is a subset of logic
There are also non mathematical axiomatically deductive systems of logic such as syllogisms
So therefore all mathematics is based on logic whereas not all logic is based on mathematics

Actually, they have quite a bit of evidence concerning how many people will yield to a math presentation while scoff at a logic presentation. They fear the math more, so they avoid it and bow.

Many people fear mathematics, and many people are cynics. Now, combine this two facts, please!

They don’t merely fear the math, they respect it as well. Combined, you get many people whining about everything … else. :sunglasses:

If they did not respect it, then they would not be cynics. So the furtive (secret) respect is already a part of the definition of “cynic”.

Yeah … I guess.

‘Many’ is too vague to draw any conclusions from here.

Science has become more and more a function of politics. Scientists have become politically correct functionaries of the cynical rulers.

If those who are not scientists want to have scientific solutions, then they have to use their own brains in the first place.

Kant wrote:
[list]“Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen!”
[size=85](Immanuel Kant, Beantwortung der Frage: Was ist Aufklärung?, 1784.)[/size]
“Have courage to use your own mind!”[/list:u]

Imagine there is no metaphysics and no physics anymore, because both are indirectly forbidden by the government. There is merely something like a socialpsychological religion which is called “science”. And one day you see this:

What are your thoughts?

I suspect that I wouldn’t change much. I am the “problem-solver” type and thus always seek a means to better things. And that invariably leads to stepping on the Devil’s toes, which in turn leads to having to solve ALL problems … the very inspiration for metaphysics - the seeking of the underlying principles. And my particular metaphysics endeavor was not created from modern science nor ancient religion, thus would no doubt have spawned to be the same - a logic and rationality based ontology (the engineer’s solution).

And as always, I would rather live in the spirit of love than die in the fear of loss. Understanding of metaphysics or not doesn’t change that.

Alright. But I when I said that “there is no metaphysics and no physics anymore” I meant that there is no knowledge about metaphysics and physics anymore. :astonished: :open_mouth:

And now, look at the picture again:

:astonished: :open_mouth:

:-k :question:

I understood you the first time. But realize that knowledge comes from somewhere. Metaphysics and understanding must be born. I am one of those guys. :sunglasses:

If people are not allowed to question and think at all, then yeah, I would be greatly different. Probably we all would not care. And when we looked at the sky with all of its wonders, we wouldn’t even notice. I would look up for a half of a second and then go about my business not giving a second thought to what I had seen (along with the rest of the zombies).

Things only become wondrous by that inner questioning and the hope it inspires, without which all things are either mundane (the “void”) or threatening. Without question, there is no heart, there is no mind, merely mechanism (what a government is supposed to be … not the people suffering it).