University Day?

Well, that paper I wrote and put up over on the Essays and Thesis section got good marks from the teacher, at the end of it he mentioned that it was worth reading at the “University Day” which is coming this April. What is this ‘University Day’? Is this something other schools do, does anyone know? Should I care? I’m not interested in standing in front of a room full of 19 year olds, going on and on about stuff nobody in the room cares about but me (at least, not until I can get paid for it). IS there more to it than that?

Is there a chance that you could get laid? I mean, some geeky girl who doesn’t want a goodlooking, athletic, succesful guy, but the guy who reads his philosophy paper to the whole school?

Oh. Sorry. Lost in a daydream.

I guess I was projecting.

Oh, sure. Those kinds of girls exist, believe me…and getting laid isn’t always what’s it’s cracked up to be!

Oh. I don’t really remember.

Well, see? You obviously don’t spend enough time hunched over a book or keyboard to net the honeys.

Girls do indeed dig that 70% spinal curve from the hunching. I never thought spinal deformations would net me so much ass.