(Ode to an Incomplete Essay)

Dual found now to end
Again one’s made real as the time senses meaning
Determines once a matter of thought it expresses all and struggle through
Incontinence of will being essentially created in the form then return unto water
With reality a difference is we gasp a breath
To suppose and again…

Incontinence of will
Determines once
Again one’s
With reality
Being essentially
A matter of thought
Made real as
To suppose
A difference is
Created in the form
It expresses all
The time
And again
We gasp a breath
then return unto water
and struggle through
Senses meaning
To end

Fighting through the water gasping as we go pushes us unfarther because we know homes around the corner truths around the bend gasping keeps us going until we reach the end.

…or the end reaches us… Reaching. What a word. Reacting. Wretching. Re-ache-ing. Struggle unto death, etc. Though I actually think, for the most part, or at least often enough, on average, it’s much easier than that: The aching is in the moment of the gasp, which is at once also an ecstacy. When I got to the gasping point above, the following from William James was what had come to mind:

Thus, the gasping provides for no end in itself, but as you suggest, simply fuels our living inquiry. Fish on a mission! Some of us travel in schools, others lie alone under the silt, but we all (or, the vast majority of us, philosophically or not) break surface and briefly enter thought. Unfortunately, as my subtitle alludes to, this does not occur on a schedule over which we have much control (such that my wish to submit an essay into the essay challenge (due this week) seems to have experienced its last gasp through the above. :cry: ), nor can we truly predict the effect such oxygenations have on our train of thought (if, at least, we allow that oxygen to enter our system proficiently). Ok, I’m babbling now.