Upon Your Deathbeds...Trust in God.

The endgame of human existence, according to Christian theology, is the act of human death and the fate of consciousness following irreversible loss of consciousness in a biological body. As Christian theism (opposite Atheism) holds consciousness does not cease to exist at death but continues in some form, the concern of Christian theology is in which of the only two dimensions that outlive the physical universe (for those believing in the existence of a physical universe) one shall find one’s consciousness following loss of perception of the “here and now”: Heaven…or Hell.


Hell begins, like everything else inaccessible to the senses, as a concept, the idea of something that, until someone introduces the idea to you for the first time, was previously inconceivable.

The concept of Hell was previously unknown, wasn’t it, until you were introduced to the idea. Before you knew of the idea of Hell, it was impossible for fear of Hell to exist. How can you fear something that is inconceivable; of which you have no idea, that you didn’t know (or believe) exists as it has not yet entered your mind?

Now that you had the misfortune to learn of Hell because someone through some medium taught you the concept and what it entails, if you are an individual that despite its sensory absence suspects or outright believes in Hell’s existence, it would seem strange, given what Hell horribly entails, that you didn’t fear it a little. Fear of Hell seems a sort of “batteries included” component accompanying the concept of Hell, for what Hell entails is horrenous. You couldn’t stand too close to an open kitchen oven set at 450 degrees for even a few seconds before you recoil from the painful sensation: imagine being thrown into a cosmic “kitchen oven” whose heat is infinitely hotter, being unable to die (if death were cessation of the existence of consciousness, which would forever free you from Hell’s pain) thus being forced to feel the heat of an open “kitchen oven” forever.

Which means there’s no relief from it, ever, for not a single second. The pain is 24/7/365 and you’re never getting out, as there is no way God is going to let you out.

If the humans teaching you this concept of Hell also state it is quite possible YOU will end there once your biological heart stops beating, and you find you believe it no matter how you try to convince yourself otherwise, you’re going to be a participant in that centuries old Christian trauma, that old existential fear, which will nag and plague the back of your mind for the remainder of your life.

Sort of like terminal cancer. A person with cancer can watch television, go for walks, visit and have laughs with friends and relatives…or at the dialogue of a good comedian…but in the back of one’s minds there is the constant, nagging mental reminder the cancer is still there and is killing you. The possibility you may go to Hell is akin to this.

That is, until you learn of another concept that states there is a way you never have to go there in the first place.

“Prepare yourself, you know it’s a must–
gotta have a friend in Jesus…”

  • Norman Greenbaum, Spirit In The Sky (Song)

Doesn’t matter if you’re Buddhist, Satanist, atheist, whatever…everyone has heard of this walking, talking, “I never have to see Hell in the first place loophole” that goes by the name Jesus Christ.

When it comes to Christ and the fact ‘you know it’s a must’ when it comes to escaping Hell, the Bible bluntly and unapologetically states:

‘Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under Heaven by which men can be saved.’
-Acts 4:12

Okay then, let’s get this straight: this second but vitally afterlife-determining important concept states the being known as Jesus Christ is the only entity capable of preventing you from going to Hell, regardless of whether or not, for clarity, Hell is eternal according to Fundamentalist Christianity or temporary according to Annihilationism (a Christian doctrine that states Hell is used to wipe the wicked from existence before itself burning out, as only the saved have eternal life: Biblical proof of Annihilism is the famous verse Romans 6:23).

Once Jesus Christ is thrown into the equation, the question now becomes how Jesus prevents you from going to Hell. Forgiveness of sins is key, but the common interpretation of the term “forgiveness” as used in the Bible and in Fundamentalism is to “excuse a fault” or “cease resentment against”. The Bible also states that anyone that genuinely comes to God to repent of one’s sins or faults is automatically forgiven, save for one sin that is the subject of the second most frightening verse in the Bible.

The how is anyone’s guess (and imagination that one may go on to insist is the correct “how”), but of every concept of how Jesus keeps you from going to Hell arguably one of the strangest is the Pantheopsychic concept of forgiveness that can be referred to as “Fore-give-ness”: the fact or act of having something, such as every sin you shall ever commit, given beforehand in the sense of being given to and performed by someone existing prior to you who performs your sins in your stead. Even if you later exist and replicate the sins, the sins are considered to belong only to the person who first performed them, such that you do not have to pay any negative consequences for replicating the task as you are forced by Existence to are not actually your own, and you are forced to re-enact and replicate the sins this first person helplessly was forced to commit prior to your birth.


Existence is as Existence does.

Of all the ways Jesus relates to how you never have to go to Hell because of Him, Pantheopsychic Theology and Christianity is probably one of the strangest, and the form of Christianity in which you have the least responsibility in determining your afterlife fate.


Because everything, in the end, even in the tale of Fundamentalism is a result of Existence and the form Existence happens take that is actual as opposed to being merely possible and potential. Existence and its permutations at any given moment is the ground state of reality and all philosophy. This subsumes the existence of God, Christ, Heaven, Hell, and the predicament of human beings caught in the relation and attention of God and one’s susceptibility to Heaven or Hell.

If Pantheopsychic Theology is true, Existence “just happened” to “Mystique-shape” (named after the X-Men character) itself into a state of affairs, eons before you were born, wherein it shaped Jesus Christ experiencing a non-lucid dream in which He dreamt of being a Jewish religious celebrity unjustly executed upon a Roman cross. In the dream Christ experienced, as though He were the person, a nigh-infinite number of not-yet-existing beings in the form of fictional dream-characters. “Sin” came into existence in this dream, as Christ remained sinless throughout, such that the so-called sins are only “ersatz” or “pseudo” “sins” that are Christ’s sufferings given the “sins” are never committed by His indigenous consciousness and are forced upon Him by Existence.

Later-existing doppelgangers of these dream-characters are exempt from Hell by moral reason they are forced by Existence to do nothing but replicate the former “sins” committed by Christ in His mind while on the Cross. Their helpless and non-chosen connection to Christ engenders a moral obligation in God (i.e. God the Lucid Dreamer: the third personality of the Judeo-Christian God responsible for bringing an end to the Sacrificial Dream, ending the current world we experience through the granting of death, and relegating people to either Heaven or Hell following death) to not charge these humans for “sins” that were not theirs to begin with, that they are helplessly forced to re-enact.


“Run, Charlie! Run all the way home, and don’t stop til you get there!”

-Man warning Charlie—who had miraculously (or so it seems) discovered the last Golden Ticket (winning a tour of Willy Wonka’s suspiciously supernatural if not extraterrestrial candy factory) inside a random candy bar purchased by Charlie after giving up all hope of winning—to get home with the Ticket before someone seized it from him in the film, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971)

While Christ pre-committing the “sins” of the Undamned is the “meta” form of salvation from Hell, occurring before any Undamned person is born, there is a psychological “follow through” or “expression” or “symbol” that occurs within the mind of an Undamned person that, while the “meta” is sufficient for the task, cements the fact the person is Undamned and provides a self-awareness that one is Undamned in awareness of the concept of the “meta” form of one’s salvation. This psychological “mark of God on the forehead of the saved”—

[i]And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,
Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

-Revelations 7: 2-3[/i]

—is faith: faith in the reality of the concept that Jesus “became sin” for us on the Cross not 2000 or so years ago but eons (as it were) before the existence of humans; faith that oneself is an external doppelganger of one of the dream-characters Christ experienced as though He were the person in His mind while on the cross. This strange, indeed accusingly insane concept is argued to be the actual faith in Jesus one must have prior to death (or gain following death in the section of the afterlife known as Abraham’s Bosom) in order to be saved: faith that you and Jesus are interwined, in the sense that He was, in a sense, you before you were born, albeit in a dream while crucified.

To wit:

‘God made Him who had no sin…to be sin for us…’
-2 Corinthians 5:21

The possession of this strange concept, more, belief it objectively exists and applies to you, is what you need in your mind or held subconsciously in chains at the moment of your death. Everything begins with Concept: concept of Hell; concept of Heaven; concept of Jesus Christ as the only way one can never see Hell. The concept of your helpless replication of the previous experiences of Christ is the “Golden Ticket” presented by the “Willy Wonka” of the Lucid Dreamer that you must grasp in your psychic hand as your consciousness of this current reality or place of existence begins to slip and fall away, forever.

Upon your death, the key is to trust God. You must trust God. Trust the Pantheospychic version of salvation is the real version, with all others false. It is the actual ticket that allows you to never see Hell, that allows you through the doors of Abraham’s Bosom and Heaven.

Jay M. Brewer (AKA Phenomenal Graffiti)
Pantheopsychic Philosopher
Austin, Texas