US Media bias seeps into comedy … -on-obama/

Since the days of The Smothers Brothers and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In the President has been fair game–until now.

When it comes to comedy, Bush is a tough act to follow.

So what? It’s just comedy.

I wish it was.

a “soft tyranny”, to coin a phrase from the great one…

youre absolutely right PT.

the fact that we cannot even laugh at our president publically, AT ALL, is a very, very frightening thing.

just think about it for a minute, no matter what your political leanings are. frightening, indeed.

what fascists weve all become.

media bias seeps into comedy? First of all political bias has been in any industry from well before tv came out.

Eh, it’ll come with time. Over the past eight years comedians have gotten really lazy. Bush literally did their job for them, all they had to do was point. Particularly astute ones could point at two silly things at once and show how even in the most twisted of rightist minds what he was doing made no sense.

They have to rediscover their craft. Given them some time.

Agreed. Though, it isn’t only comedians. Obama’s rivals aren’t putting marks on him either. There hasn’t been a slight on Obama by anyone: comedian, politician, or journalist that has gotten enough traction for it to become a popular opinion.

He doesn’t have any obvious vulnerabilities as of yet, but they’re there. Everyone has them. They just have to be agreed to by a critical mass of people to make them signify something.

This isn’t unusual, it’s just a hangover from the election, give it time. The same happened in the UK when Labour was initially elected back in 1997

They usually start picking on them during the campaign, but it’s been hands off Obama since day one. But it may come yet, some of that material he’s handing 'em has gotta stick sometime.

These probably aren’t mainstream (certainly not in my local paper) but at least they’re out there:

O’Bobo the Clown. That might stick.

hahahaha, that e-trade kid one is awesome.


O’bobo, lol :laughing:

what a fuckin joke this country has become. absolutely fucking pathetic.

I’m beginning to think that it is actually beginning to sink in. … a&restrict

The Onion is America’s most trusted name in news for a reason.

Priceless. One of the funniest parts is how many of those headlines are real. The best humor is founded in Truth.

…and some of the best truth is found in humor.

Now, you realize that the Onion is unabashedly left-wing, right? Just some food-for-thought. You’ll also notice that it avoids overtly racist tropes like those embraced by some of the cartoons you presented. Why didn’t you post this gem:

The mayor of Los Alamitos sent that joke around, but was unable to explain why it was funny when pressed on the issue. Would you be willing to explain some of the cartoons you presented?

Didn’t see it. But I would have considered it the pinnacle of right-wing satire–stereotype down on the plantation. Where the hell is the fried chicken. I did see a priceless one (which I couldn’t use) which showed the White House with a realtor’s for sale sign in front of it.

Did you read those headlines? They were pinching themselves in an attempt to ridicule the headlines!?!

Yeah, I saw those headlines. The left can make fun of itself. Especially given that Obama is a centrist. Good jokes all around. Rightist comedy is having a more difficult time because they are trying to find a way to make watermelon-patch jokes without seeming racist. Because rightists are racist and rightists reach for low hanging fruit. Between the two of those, they have very little to say about Obama.


(Ah yes, drunken master)

The Right has no sense of humor about religion, and the Left has no sense of humor about politics (ergo political correctness).

Centrist, CENTRIST, [size=150]CENTRIST![/size]

He had the most socialist voting record in the in Illinois and the US Senate, and he’s fulfilling that dream with massive nationalizations which hurt everyone but him and the unions.