Uumm have you all studied this thread?

I read it a couple of times then checked his posts, he only posts on this thread. It does not feel right. I am not paranoid but this one is setting off warning bells. Since 2005 only this? You might want to check it out or report or distance. Read it and read it again.

What kind of warning bells, Kris? I can’t read all that. I skimmed some of it though, and it looks like pretty typical stuff for a philosophy forum.

It just feels more and more militant or fanatical as he goes on. I could very well be dead wrong. That is why I would like others to look.

Sushil is a harmless zealot. He’s posted the same article to hundreds of sites. Standard soapbox issue, and one hell of a rant.

Cool thanks. Is it the only thing he does?

I’ve never seen him engage in any actual conversation. Thanks people politely enough for their comments but doesn’t appear to respond much in dialog. “We’ve destroyed our minds and the planet through technology” and there is nothing anyone can do about it; a fatalist, if ever there was one.

That control is a tad unnerving. Guess I am just not used to actual passive behavior.

While I get some sense of his perspective I’m still under the illusion something may be done. Question my own guessing I do. Perhaps there is some middle ground? I’m hoping anyway.

One can hope but, people only turn their tv off if they only get static on all channels. A domestic cat hunts because it can not because it is hungry. Our collective instinct may not be tuned to survival.

Well if one can only hope then that is that. Wonder if it is anything at all? Hope for hope?

Perhaps hopes that the next generations communicate and work together better than now.