Darkness prevents objectivity.
Half-light obscures and convolutes. Prevents clarity.

Using obscurantism to escape detection and cultivating it to remain hidden, can only have a motive.

In Jude the Obscure, Hardy uses a deep metaphor, the indication of an objective motive appears missing, or forgotten. Not merely a tenuous desire to remain hidden, but sign of a nomadic life.:

"The word Jude can mean the wandering Jew. By calling the main character of the book Jude, Hardy is making a reference to a group of people who believe in God and are classified as wandering. By using this allusion Hardy is trying to convey to us that the path of religion is not one that has a true destination, but rather it is one of fallacy that leaves people wandering. Hardy further illustrates this point by making Jude a “wanderer.” Jude is a wanderer both literally and figuratively. Literally we see him wandering from place to place to find work, and figuratively we see him searching for his own identity.’

{This narrative helps to clarify distinctions between Husserl, Heidegger and Nietzche}.

The ref. Is lengthy and can also be said to invoke an obscure content built up in a way that presents some motive in ways parrellel… I plan to go into this more, in the above summary.

A landless people, would develop traits that would aid it in tis quest to survive, at all costs.
With no hearth, to ground them, they would develop a abstract hearth they could carry with them, from place to place, and from the vicinity of other tribes to the vicinity of different ones, appropriating from each whatever was of value, to them, and developing the language and behavioural skills to remain both distinct and seemingly disappear in them.

One of the most memorable friends I ever made was a gypsy, who arrived, along with the funfair his family owned… though he did chase me and my brother with an axe at the local city farm we were playing in, but the next day we cornered him (axe-less) and became friends for the duration that he was there for… he’d never had friends before.

We’d have tea and sandwiches in the front yard, but he wouldn’t join us inside the front yard or enter inside the house… very Vampiric, though he did eventually join us inside the front yard… which made him smile and happy. It was a sad day when he came to say goodbye, and we all hung-out for the very last time, never to see him again… the friendship being an indelible memory I’ll never forget.

Talking about Vampirism au passant, I remember my last visit with a gypsy, a girl barely 13, carrying a child in a hammock strung around her shoulders, and being reprimanded forgiving her some money. The air became arid, and lfeeling branded , felt as if complicit in some crime.

There is a element of eroticism to this form of parasitism.
To remain inconspicuous, and maintain its access to the host, the parasite must flood it with chemicals that numb it - intoxicating it to the point of feeling no discomfort as it is drained of tis life’s energies.
Host feels pleasure in the encounter.

To me, it’s the wandering gypsies that cultivate that air that you describe… an odd feeling to experience, in being privy to their world.
The funfair and circus owning gypsies, on the other hand, have a different air about them… more prideful, grafters, communicative.

Rule 1. Never give a gypsy money, ever, not even in exchange for their wares.

Rule 2. If they offer their wares as a gift, you should accept it, in kind.

Rule 3. Always remain polite, for they are human after-all.

Rule 4. Do not throw garlic or holy water at them. :laughing: kidding! :smiley:

vampire - Allegory of a modern memetic Parasite

Parasites lurk in the shadows, despising the light that reveals and exposes.
Their survival depends on appearing to be part of the host they parasitically live off of.
It gathers in occult covenants, away from the host’s prying eyes.
It feeds on the host, draining it, but not to a level that would kill it. Yet, this contant depletion slowly degrades the host, forcing the parasite to seek a new host to drain.
Although they take on the appearance of the host - so as to remain inconspicuous - the parasite does acquire similar physical markers, due to their inbreeding - sampling the hosts genes only to conceal itself enough to remain undetected.
A parasite intervenes upon the hosts’ neurological processes - hijacking tis mind from the inside. It does so via language. Gradually the host becomes detached from reality; tis behaviour erratic and self-destructive - it behaves in ways that will eventually kill it. see current immigration policies in Europe. Cultural suicide, promoted by an alien memetic parasite.
A parasite fancies itself superior to the host it lives off of. All predatory psychologies are prone to this arrogance, even ones that use insidious, feminine, predatory methods. A herbivore feels superior to the plants it feeds on; the carnivore feels superior to the herbivore; the parasite superior to the carnivore/herbivore it infests. Each survival niche necessitating its own traits - both physical and mental. Memetic parasitism would have to become a master of linguistics and using semiotics to exploit and manipulate.

Zombification is a sign of extended and severe detachment from reality.
Google zombification. It’s not a movie cliche.

Yes but…???

The parasite begins its anthromorphic evolution the same way as it’s antithesis. In fact begins its journey contemporaneous to it’s nemesis, because of the crossing of symbolic fallacies, that were actually built for early accomodiation.

All that has been eliminated by utilizing the commode.

The French totals of centuries gone by had to eliminate by going out, literally to the out-house. The Versailles was too illuminated by the hall of mirror a.

Of course that did not prevent accidents that is why per fume became so convenient.

Did the time machine send an SOS to the present to ask for the ‘convenience’?

Perhaps, perchance.

Such concern of trying to master build a simple matter, to eliminate, occasioned by oft strain, as if giving birth to something strangely perfumed by the notion of anti matter.

Its just a stage, Mr. feud says, as if he was just another character out of you. ly sees, named after Julius the great emperor.

The greatest parasite the least, the first shall be last and the last first, inversion , con version, 6 of one half a dozen of the other.

Well, she throws up her hands in despair, and blushingly intimates, " two heads are better then one even if one of them is a cabbage.

But so and so said such and such, maybe they are Siamese, twins by default?

You don’t say!

Well what about the one that goes:

The mad scientist conducted a being formed out if a half a measure of tiger and a half of parrot.

Polly likes? a what?

I dunno, but it takes to.

Two what?

Again, I dunno. Keep tell in ya.

And she barely screams under a very hushed demeneir:

I don’t know what on earth you get but if it starts talking to ya, better listen.

What about the one about the crab and the clam

The crab says to the clam, how come you just lie there never speakin’ ?

The clam at first showing a reluctant hesitancy, opens up, and this was how afterwords the crab found a pearl.

The greatest parasite is the virus. It probably is immune to the future, because it has become resilient trough the past. It is part and partial to the here and now, through it’s power to will the corpus diem, through an appetite for delicti.

Memetically speaking…
Nihilism is a defensive reaction to emerging self-consciousness - using abstractions, represented by words, as an alternative to the world perceived.
A memetic-parasite would be a strategy that integrated nihilism into its parasitism, seeing the potential in exploiting it in other organisms.

Since nihilism is entirely linguistic - having no references in empirical reality, in the experienced world - such a parasite would cultivate linguistic skills - encoding - to manipulate and exploit this nihilism in the target host.
It enters the mind linguistically and hijacks the host intellectually.
The host loses all contact with reality and tis won body - with physicality.

See zombification.

So a myth borne of fear and ignorance, not of romance… and then The Enlightenment occurred, to enlighten us all from our ignorance and stupidity, to a place of knowing.

Probably why the Egyptians and others mummified their dead, so as to inhibit such happenings from causing mass hysteria, that seeing a decaying dead body can obviously create. I guess because the body of the dead Aristocrats were put on display, for the Community to pay their respects, the myth arose and was associated with European Aristocracy.

Parasitism is survival and reproductive strategy.
It emerges in all systems and tribes. But some have adopted it as their chosen method, that identifies them.

Nihilism emerges in all humans awakening to themselves - producing insecurity and vulnerably that seeks relief in abstractions. Then ideologies emerge to offer a framework and a justification - a way.

The true vampire, Dracula, the clearest form of pre-Enlightenement realization, the truest form of subsistence, results from the almost impossible task of setting all exclusive elements within the most preemptive form of union possible, that can set it"s self within that totality of inclusion, that can and must pertain to all without, the aid of any other panosycic being.

That overcoming all thoughtful men are familiar with, or, should be.

The Truest Buddhic Dracula contains all biddishitva of pre-enlightenment Socratic being. That contains the pre eminence of the Egyptian pyramidal soul.

The constantly cross over the sticks as easily as the most permeable papyrus upon which the wise ones communicated through.

The magic of the golden texts if Middle Age Romance, is but a trace.

Agean said,

"But some have adopted it as their chosen method, that identifies them.

Nihilism emerges in all humans awakening to themselves - producing insecurity and vulnerably that seeks relief in abstractions. Then ideologies emerge to offer a framework and a justification - a way."

{Their ‘adoption’ is very problematical.
Have they adopted or have they been adopted? To what what.consequence? Is the adoption a definitive ideological identifiable Kafkaian characteristic , or formed out of indicative signals from a panpsychic post modern sign of a renewed transcendental reality?

All these situational variables seek to overcome the particular noumemal designations, now that the world is constantly on the road, seeking the last bastion of the dream that does not drop off into the see of a young man’s dream of the wild wild West. the sunset sun also rising in the east.

Beg to differ. at least in the literal sense.

Remembrances of Proust.

through Thomas Mann, …

Some history could have not defined and effected some reality. Lets.face it , reality consists and is described by the string of.pearls that bracket what is felt and eventually is lived.

The transcendence.of.overcoming its self is hidden between the lines.}*

*is my own commentary

I re-watched Interview with a Vampire, last week…on the tele.
Not a bad film.

In its symbolisms you get a whiff of the underlying references to todays Americanized world.

What is “immortal” ?
The meme - the ideology.
As there are ‘selfish genes’ there are ‘selfish memes’, producing mindless automatons with no clue.
Worship of youth.
Coming out at dark - as all parasites work in the shadows.
A sense of superiority, founded on disease - dis-ease.
A need for blood…the symbolism of it.
How to convert another to a fellow Vampire - another parasite?
The moral rule - ‘never kill another vampire’ - not applicable to those who do not belong to the covenant.

Well worth an answer for which my time now is unavailable. Tonight sometime tonight between feedings.

Memes & Genes

The degree of separation . again continue am abstract form.
It is part this part that. The vampire and werewolf myth suggests a mostly instinctual form of it, all wolfs kill out of.bloodthirsty. and the vampire is a reductive being toward that form.

Occultism is bereft of a backward reasoable trace of the beginnings , but the dog and the wolf do resamble, and there is a breed that has been morphed out of the wolf

When does a friend change into an enemy and how does it happen.

There are no criteria or methodology to determine this, only the fact remains that all individuals within species are prone to a sinus wave distribution of values, which can effect downward or upward trajectory,
up from reactive instinct or down from the film of civilisation.

AI will get to this shortly.

Each metaphorical type represents a psychology.
Each mythological construct implies a human/animal hybrid, pointing to a specific survival and reproductive strategy.

Werewolf, alludes to a specific psychological type…as dopes the Vampire.
The animal alludes to the essence of this psychological type adopted as a cultural meme that characterizes an entire tribe.
Zombie, Frankenstein…even the MARVEL nd DC superheroes and supervillains are mythological representations of human psychological types.

So Aegean went and got himself banned, by being his own inimitable self, and we were really getting somewhere on this topic and in this thread, so such a shame… the only other ILPer that actually took an interest in, and commented on, these/our musings.

I’m sure the situation will resolve itself… it always does, in my world. :wink:

Lol, hope so , MagsJ, hope so!

Seductive suckers suffer from blood lust, so more sucking they must.