Vegetarianism and Dreaming

This is somewhat anecdotal, but I will back it up with some science. So let’s start with the science. Or at least, what I would call such.

[size=150]Eating Meat Makes You Less Psychic[/size]
This is because meat contains iron, and the metal in the animals blood gets charged with a very specific energy signature that interferes with that of the human body’s. That is, in a subtle, specific way. There is a reason Natives ease the animal into death, with reassurance; they will be eating the final emotional moments in the meat. That is why, IMO, animals are killed in a horrific fashion when they probably don’t need to be when it comes to the West. They want it that way, to go into you. (If you would like, check out the documentary on the food of the royalty, and how they eat all their food. IE no GMO. If you can find it… it escapes my brief searches at the moment.)

[size=150]So, Assuming Psychic Phenomena Can Exist, Eating Meat would Interfere*[/size]
And this is where my personal accounts come in. I have recently switched to being vegetarian, basically because this rash I’ve had around my neck for like 2 years, I realized, was caused by meat—and I didn’t even eat that much! Anyways, I was able to get rid of that chain and I have since realized another bonus besides dermatological excellence: my dream recall is starting to get ridiculous. Today, all throughout the day, I was getting flashbacks from a dream(s) I had the night before. Nothing special; I’m just remembering stuff. It could be a placebo, but I 1) Didn’t consciously think dream recall 2) I don’t remember that happening the last time I went vege (for 6 months or so.)

So there we have it, basically science that I can’t back up with any source, and then my personal account of for the past week and a half.

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*This is assuming the standard model that ‘under’ the unconscious is the subconscious, which is a Akashic record-type avenue of any-and-all information blending of all (non)consciousness. Or something like that.

I eat a solid diet of spam, and dream quite often. Its got more to do with your neurochemical emphasis in your personality type, in how your dealing and processing The Language of Correspondance, how the archetypes are dealt with during the waking day and night (focus on one more, the other occurs less naturally unless you retrain your dreams). Breath control works with some. Jack London wrote of it in The Star Gazer’, Swedenborg discovered it, as did I as a child… its called Pranayana.

Jung noted this active imagination… as he manipulated it lucidly, reduced the occurence of dreams. Diet has some effect on dreams in interrupting or embedding nuance influence, but your going to dream regardless of your diet… your need to associate and solve occurs either way.

Your change is likely correspondent with acceptance that lead to the beginnings of a personality shift. Your noticing things in new ways and are trying to account for it from the perspective of the old personality continuum youve outgrown. You may honestly been allergic to something, or what drove you to this change loosened your immune system up. Dramatic diet change does produce effects on the body, and any sudden shift can essentially purge and shred its old equilibrium before a new one arises.

Make sure to eat lots of wild yak liver for its antioxidants before sleeping.

Yea like meat.

Humans are allergic to many food stuffs that our bodies have not evolved to digest (wheat, soy, nuts, etc) but vegetarianism is due to choice not an allergy…

Re-read the OP. I had a skin condition for like over a year and a half. Now it’s gone.

Well… start eating meat again to see if it comes back.

No way man.

Eat the steak… its sciency.

…a control study… good thinking :wink:

May I suggest that your ailment might have been caused by a condiment or other food-stuff that you added to your meat - most times it’s not the foods we eat but what we add to them that cause us problems.

Zizek opines that vegetarians are monsters.

In a joking, good natured way, though.

“Let’s start with the science”

You must be joking, right?

It’s funny how some want to solve a problem - you not eating meat - that you are not finding to be a problem. Meat slows the system down. This can be good for some, less good for others, my sense is it depends on body type, perhaps even the particular phase one is in in one’s life. I used to be vegetarian and now eat meat but infreuquently. I seem to do better with some meat. To me remembering dreams, in general, is a sign of health, especially if the person appreciates the change.

Are you pulling my leg?

Excuse the sarcasm, but, is there no one else here with the urge to call, “BULLSHIT!”

Whatever else this is, it ain’t science.

It’s science. That is, it will be in a couple years. I mean just think about it. It makes perfect sense, but it’s just new to you.

Don’t be so closed-minded. I mean, is that your contribution here: the literary equivalent of an incredulous look? This is a philosophy forum, after all; that look is a dime a dozen. In fact, pretty much everyone who comes here who it’s clear knows nothing about philosophy invariably either starts saying things Nietzche said already, or they shout SCIENCE really loudly in every post.

Cool. Literally no one cares. See if you can criticize my content with some metric: logic, evidential, etc. Quoting something you disagree with on an emotional level and then saying ‘I don’t agree with this. Who is with me?’ is largely a waste of everyone’s time. Unless you consider backwoods amateur philosophy a good usage of time.

Alright. I should not have assumed that the “natural science” forum would be frequented by those who have knowledge of natural science.

Please explain how iron in the blood, which would largely be present as haemoglobin, becomes “charged” presumably in some way different than the “regular” iron in your blood. How does this iron differ from the iron I would derive from a vegetable diet? What is meant by energy “signature”? What kind of energy? Chemical? Light? Heat? Some form of radiation? What variation is there in this “signature” that could have an effect on the human body? I could go on, but this single initial phrase within the description of this so called “science” raises so many alarm bells that you need read no further. It is obviously written by someboduy who knows little credible science. This is the kind of drivel that is so common amongst “homeopaths” and “holistic nutritionists” and all manner of crank pseudoscience purveyors of gobledygook NONSENSE.

You leave backwoods amaturist philosophy out of this one, its got nothing to do with this stuff.

Dr. Michael Gregor tells me a egg has more cholestoral in it that a hardees triple meat burger… so Ive stoped eating eggs and am eating at Hardees from now on. Learned that last week at the vegetarian discussion here in hawaii.

Gonna eat some meat, fuck ya.

The literary equivalent of an incredulous look.

I think you probably realize you’re not really being critical.

There is so little real science in the phrase in question that it is difficult to be genuinely critical. But, please, excuse the polemic in my responses. Just respond to the questions. Or cite a reference.

What happened to the OP?