Verbatim quotes of Jesus in the Bible

“people have more evidence for the existence of jesus than george washington” lol

anyway, i still dont have the evidence, all i have is a few defensive biased responses about jesus’ existence and the supposed evidence for it.

Now how would one go about objectively measuring God?

Ask “why?” enough times and everyone inevitably runs out of answers…

I don’t care about gods.
I care about people, and if anything must be done with gods, then I care how people relate gods to themselves.
I don’t care what sects think, however.
I don’t care what Christians think, I do not care what Muslims think, I do not care what Hindus think, what Buddhists think, or any group label “thinks”.
I care what “you” think.

If you think about existing in a manner that includes a god, then fine; I’ll hear about it.
If you do not, then good as well, I’ll hear about it.
But I want to hear your interests on existing; I do not want you to tell me all your thoughts on other peoples thoughts on god.
That is a very bland version of an already overplayed song.

You be more specific!
Start a thread with something from within you; specifically about anything you would like that is about existing as you see it.
Lead me down the path of what your heart hears!
Mislead me, I beg of you!

Wow! That was beautiful. Such forceful words…almost divine-like…
Words that can be spoken by a lover to the other…if one was lucky enough to have one who could speak like that. :cry:
I think I’ll use it though as an opening for a meditation…a journey into self.

I already said my thoughts about existing is too open-ended for me to answer. If you can phrase the questions more specifically, then I’ll be happy to answer.

Jayson: Do you believe there is a higher power that knows everything and can do anything
Mutcer: No

Or if you want to get a better sense of my take on “existence”, read the Church of Reality website at

I’ve already started numerous threads about the realities of observations I’ve made. Much of it centers on assertions Christians make about things which they cannot observe and have no solid basis for believing.

Some scholars have actually studied this issu seriously. Here are some criteria some scholars used to judge the authenticity of Jesus quotations:

Source: Wikipedia

Take your time. You have your whole life to spend answering that question.

I know nothing about what you believe, how you feel, or what you think.
I only know you in reference to a mirror’s behavior.
You are like Dawkins; only critiquing, yet never putting forward your own affirmations - you offer only negations of a specific group’s ideals.
Neat. Now I would like to see you graduate into real topics on life; not trifle topics on other beliefs.
Aristotle, Sartre, Nietzsche, Buddha, Jesus, Hitler, Confucius, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Howard Hughes, and the lot of them.
They all had their critiques; some far more grand than the others.
But they were not defined by their critiques alone; each also provided a coupling of their own ideas. They gave affirmations of their beliefs.

You are more like Dawkins.
You give me empty bread for each meal; left to wonder if there will ever be meat given with the meal.

You come here as if this is a place of Christian answers.
Where is this banner that you see that I have placed above the door?
This is a place of affirmation; this is a place of provocation. It is a place where I know everyone, but I do not know Mutcer.
I know TPT, Felix, Turtle, the elusive HelpTheHerd, James, Arctus, Anon, No-Body, Shotgun, Jakob, Ierrellus, Xunzian, Blurred, and so many more.
I can tell you what they believe and how they view existing.
I can do this because they speak of it in the countless topics life contains.

You only speak of one topic and only that topic.
And your topic is a mirror; it is not even you.
I am tired of your mirror. I am far more interested in the man holding the mirror than I am his mirror.

I don’t believe in Christianity; I don’t believe in gods.
Neither do I care about either.
They are not the definition of this life.
We are.
I want to know you and your heart; your spirit is lacking in a vast abyss of deterrence.
Give me you.

All of it centers on Christianity.
You have given me nothing that is your own.
I don’t really care how silly Christians seem to you.

There are a grand number of outlandish ontological claims in humanity.
What’s yours?!
That’s what I do not know.

I don’t care about how illogical some constructed ideal is that you do not approve of at this point.
I want to know what YOU think about YOU and THIS LIFE.

At some point you need to get over your punkrock mantra and find the flower in the valley of your heart and tell me what is sweet in this life; not just what is bitter.

You overlooked something. If God is omnipotent, he could make the Wheaties disappear or grow mold such that you wouldn’t eat them. But he couldn’t prevent you from first choosing Wheaties - independent of what you actually end up eating.

I didn’t “overlook” anything, You didn’t ask for him to change anything, but only to inform you of what is going to be true despite your freedom of choice. What He informed you of was that you were going to choose to eat all of the Wheaties and on the last day, when you chose to open the envelope first, you would have already run out. So He informed you, via the envelope, that you had used up your other option and had nothing left but Cheerios. If you want to claim that you will then choose to not eat at all, then I would claim that such would have been in the envelope. Else you are not talking about the same God as we are.