Very Fake News

@ Otto West and Urwrong.

I find your last conversation here (see especially: page 7 of this thread) interesting, because it shows how important certain thoughts are and that most people do not care about them, although there is probably no clear solution of the question whether it is better to go back to nature or to go on with the nihilistic civilization. To me, it is pretty obvious that one day this Occidental civilization will either get overtaken or get „frozen“. So then and regardless which of the two possibilities will become reality, it will partly (thus: not absolutely) become more natural again - in other words: it will partly get overtaken by nature. But it is pretty probable too that going back to nature will be forbidden someday: about 99% of all people will have to live in ghettos - now known as „cities“. So the result of the so-called „New World Order“ will be either a new feudalism of a global kind or even two globally seperated human species (comparable with - for examle - the Morlocks and the Eloi). :astonished: