Very Fake News

There’s so much fake news these days, you basically strike gold when discovering “real news”.

Basically these days, everything is Sensationalism. 9 of 10 news websites and foundations are posting misleading and ridiculous titles, just to receive some clicks and attention. It’s completely fake. Basically “news” agencies are resorting to outright lies and emotionalism, complete subjectivity, to retain any relevance in modern society.

That’s why, for example, bashes Trump daily. They cater to their liberal-leftist foundation and readers. Without this constant bashing, subjectively driven, then very few people would even bother to read it. And that’s true of most “news” agencies nowadays. They are catering to the expectations, the hidden values, of their bases.

Conservatives expect “conservative” slants. Liberals expect “liberal” slants. And if neither get it then the “news” agency risks losing what dwindling power it has, in terms of commercialism and sensationalism.

Imagine a day on earth, where there was “no news” but people just went about their day. All news canceled on one day. Wouldn’t people breathe easier? Be happier? Probably. It’s not like the world would miss much.

…except that would be a perfect opportunity for one country to invade another, I suppose.