Violence & Silence

I don’t know if I’m looking for a back-and-forth kind of dialogue, here, but I am curious as to what the males here think about this guy and his ideas. Let me know.


So the guys here are perfectly willing to participate in a thread in which women are being bashed. Ya’ll join in that shit by the droves. Bring to your attention a man who thinks it’s wrong to fuck with women, and nobody has shit to say.

Hey Blurred, I know you’re looking for male input (and I get why you were specific about that), so I’ll be brief, but I watched this yesterday and thought he was fantastic.

Maybe the lack of male participation goes to what he touched on regarding language and the way some men respond to things like “gender issues”… guys don’t think it applies to them and therefore they’re not interested (when in actuality it applies to everyone).

He sure has a challenge in spreading his message, but huge kudos to him for speaking out.


Men like Chris Brown, “assholes”, get laid more. They get lots of women, and men tend to find this more appealing and attractive, better behavior to imitate, then being the “nice guy finishing last”. Nice guys don’t get laid. The white knights don’t get laid.

So men have a choice: be an asshole and get laid, often, with more beautiful women–or be a nice guy, rarely get laid, with uglier women.

Yeah it’s all about what most women really want. If you act like a man and you get lots of women, and then something like 10% of women stand on the sidelines and bitch and moan you really don’t care that much. If anything you could argue that those 10% of sexually repressed women who have taken on the idea that to be a woman you gotta be a man are kinda like hecklers to the normal people, the other 90%.

“Our whole cognitive structure is set up to blame victims”

He says this after rephrasing the statement about the women being beaten.

Science is powerful, but it’s not behind everything you want it to be. It can’t be the case that our cognitive structure is set up to blame victims. There are soooooo many problems with those kinds of assertions that it just gives me a headache.

This isn’t necessarily about relationships and getting laid.

You just proved his point your own self.

“He says this after rephrasing the statement about the women being beaten.”

Not “He says this after rephrasing the statement about men beating women.”

It’s like I told this girl yesterday, I said, “I’m a nice guy, but I’m a guy”.

She was younger than you and even understood that.

I mean hell, I’d love it if I could go in the woods and not get mauled by a bear. But there are bears in the woods. So I can’t.

Anita, I always appreciate your input :slight_smile:

I think you may be right, and I also thought he was pretty good, though there were one or two things he said that didn’t exactly sit right with me. Nobody has mentioned them yet, though, so I’ll keep it to myself until I see it come up.

Do you understand that there is neither a point nor a proof present here? Is this guy trying to tie semantics to some pet social problem in a feel good way that attracts a large ignorant audience? Yes he is.

A bear attacks because it feels threatened, or because it’s looking for food and you got in the way, or because you came upon it and startled it. They don’t seek you out, they don’t try to exert power over you by causing you physical harm, they want you gone/dead so you’re no longer a threat.

What does some slut you’re fucking understanding that you’re just trying to get a piece of ass have to do with any of this? Absolutely nothing.

Are you really going to try to sit here and say that the way we say things doesn’t have some affect on how we think? Fucking naive, Smears.

Polar bears eat people. You totally missed my point about the way things naturally are and how wishing there weren’t bears in the woods wont change it.

Yeah yeah, I get it. I’ve heard that before. “Rape isn’t about sex.” It isn’t?! Are you sure about that?! If rape wasn’t about sex, then it really doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe it makes sense to you, but not me. To me, rape is about sex. “Racism isn’t about skin color.” Again, what?? What is it about, if not skin color?! Again, I’m confused. People intentionally or unintentionally obfuscate these terms to mislead others.

Rape is about sex.

Now, this topic is about women being battered. It doesn’t go into details of children being beaten, or men being beaten. Honestly, I think we should pull back here and just talk about ‘beating’. When is it acceptable for one person to beat another person? Is it okay for a bully to beat another kid on the playground? How about two men in a boxing match? How about two women in a cat fight? How about child against adult? How about adult against child?

How about adult man against adult woman or young girl? How about man beating women? This is the specific case.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s much of a problem. I think it’s too rare, to care about. I think that bullying in school, beatings between children, may be a more important topic. Women who “really care” about men beating women, probably have a personal relationship with the issue. It’s just too rare an occurrence, to take up as a social concern. The feminists already attacked women beating, between 1970 to now, 2013. Feminists made a lot of gains about stopping or preventing domestic and spousal abuse. But, is the world perfect? Should the world be perfect? I believe, there will always be a certain percentage of society of women beaters.

People like Chris Brown and Rhianna. I don’t think that the women here, Blurry or AnitaS, can really argue against this. You can’t “hate domestic abuse”, while, staring blankly at Chris Brown and their recurring relationship displayed on front page news, weekly, for all the nation to see. Everybody’s a critic. But, what’s the bottom line? The bottom line is what cannot be argued against, Rhianna does “love” her abuser. She loves him, and women can’t deny this. The woman-beater wins, this round. You can’t deny it. You can’t deny that the women want the “bad boy”, even if that means taking a few lumps. The courts couldn’t stop them. Oprah couldn’t stop Rhianna. Not the whole society, not the whole nation, not all the philosophy in the world, could stop it.

Rhianna loves her abuser. She deems the “abuse”, the battering, as worthwhile, to be with her man. She chooses abuse, and love, over any alternative mentioned.

And we still get this “blame man for everything” crowd. How can you blame me??? What did I do? How can you blame Chris Brown? Well, you can, blame, all you want. It doesn’t change a thing. It doesn’t change Rhianna, and it won’t stop her from coming back, again and again, to the “bad boy”, the asshole. It’s what women want, and I don’t see this changing, maybe ever?

I’d like to see an alternative scenario. Women want a white knight, to kick Chris Brown’s ass. They want a man, who is really a slave to women, to beat the beater. They want revenge. They want violence against violence. They do not want “stop the violence, stop the batter, stop the beating” of Rhianna. If women really cared, then they either wouldn’t be attracted to Chris Brown to begin with, or, they’d exercise moral restraint and self-control, to know that they cannot rejoin with their abuser. But with Rhianna, “love” wins. Love trumps domestic abuse.

Love proves, that love is worth the beating. And I don’t foresee any legitimate counter argument, except by further obfuscation. “Rape isn’t about sex.” Fine, you can think that all you want. You’re not going to change a damn thing about Chris Brown and Rhianna, though. You aren’t going to change the fact, that, this apparently is what women want, what women demand, and what women keep returning to.

So, quite frankly, I’m tired of this topic. I’m finished with it. I don’t believe that people actually want to look deeper into this subject. Because people most definitely not enjoy or like what they find. Rhianna chooses the beatings. She returned to Chris Brown. You can’t deny it. She is attracted to the violent man, the hateful man, the asshole. Call it Stockholm Syndrome if you like. Psychoanalyze it, if you want to, it doesn’t change a damn thing.

For men, it comes down to whether you want to get laid, to be the leader, or if you don’t want to get laid, and to be the follower. If you want to get laid, then you essentially need to be the asshole. That’s what feels true to me. I’ve lived a long time. I’ve seen a lot. I’ve experienced a lot. Women don’t respect, or like, or feel attracted to the nice guy. They just, don’t. Niceness is invisible. A nice woman and girl is great, wonderful, I love it. A nice man is–something despicable, socially ridiculed, mocked, demeaned, hated, by both other men and women in general. Niceness and maleness, just does not mix.

I hope you prove me wrong. You probably won’t. Because I’ve probably thought about this much more than you have, I’ve probably got better arguments, points, defenses, retorts, responses. I’ve probably got a 300 page thread, in my head, already lined up, with all the responses. You’re not going to convince me that “nice guys” have any redeemable qualities. If there is any, then it is probably the one I mention. The woman battered defenders, want a “white knight” man, like the presenter in the video, who shames, demeans other men, and uses violence where necessary. The guy mentioned teaching male “leaders”. What this means is, he wants to teach men how to beat up, and shame, other “asshole men”. He wants to teach nice guys how to become assholes, to counter the asshole. Assholism versus assholism.

So, I’m not convinced. Even if you’re an asshole for women, doesn’t make you any less of an asshole.


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, fuck it either way. I personally would rather get laid with hot chicks, then rarely get laid with average or ugly chicks. The nice guy option just isn’t attractive, for men.

The only women I’ll white knight are my immediate family members who are girls and women. That’s the reasonable approach. I’m not going to white knight a strange woman, who I don’t know, no matter how good looking she is. It’s just not worth it, for me. If your boyfriend or husband is beating you, then maybe you shouldn’t have chosen this male as your mate, to begin with? It’s not my problem. It’s yours. Don’t try to pass your problems off onto other people, especially not “men as a whole”. I’m not buying it. I’m not to blame, for Chris Brown. And if you try to blame “men” for beating women, then I’m putting you on ignore. I just don’t want to waste my time on this, anymore.

Okay I’m not done, because I forgot one important point.

This man, Chris Brown, has had the entire United States on his dick. Get off my dick, yo! Rhianna, after she was beaten, as typical of spurned women, wanted revenge. She went to the news. The news was splashed on all the front page news papers. She had countless manginas “defend” her, Drake, Adam Lavine, Eminem, all these more feminine men, made their stupid little music videos with Rhianna about how “evil” women beating is. And even then, Rhianna “loves the way it hurts”. She fucking sang a song about how much she loves getting beaten! And you know what pop culture did??? Guess, just guess.

All the music industry put this song at #1. And women, you really have some balls?! You have the balls to talk about women beating, after that, that this is a “man problem”? This is my problem???! Get the fuck out.

It didn’t end there. We’re just getting started.

After the lame ass songs, Rhianna went to the courts. Chris Brown got arrested, shamed, humiliated. Then Rhianna went to Oprah, Katie Couric. What the fuck? All these “wise women” agreeing with her, encouraging her, manipulating her, telling her how “awful” Chris Brown is and how “wonderful and innocent” Rhianna is. What did all the psychologists in the country do, to stop Rhianna from loving her abuser, her attacker?

Nothing. Not a God damned thing.

You can’t stop it. You can’t pretend anymore, like this doesn’t exist. Not after the entire fucking United States hopped on Chris Brown’s dick, yo! The entire country hopped on this guy’s dick. And guess what the end result was?

Rhianna loves him, and runs back to him for some more, and clings to her man.

It’s loooove, yo! You jealous? You jelly??? You jelly.

This whole thing makes me sick. I think I’m done now. :puke-huge: :puke-front:

You really have a talent for exposing double standards. I’ve been trying to do so for the last seven months, but have never gotten anywhere.

There’s a lot wrong with a lot of what you said, but I’m only going to pick on one part of it because it pretty much negates everything else you’ve said.

“So, quite frankly, I’m tired of this topic. I’m finished with it.”

Then shut the fuck up.

Blurry, I didn’t participate in that other thread, I only mocked it continually. I have a slow connection so I don’t watch videos. But, forget Atthet he’s gone, Smears at least admits that he does as he pleases without trying to justify himself (at least that was my original impression), but CN on the other hand, rants about abortion and ‘irresponsible’ single mothers, then elsewhere he speaks on how he fucks around, and then as you know he has the all around approach that he is beyond justified in everything he does and no one at ilp can approach his greatness. That bothers me. I mean all you can do as far as this subject goes is quote his conflicting statements on this issue and wonder if anyone cares, but the real challenge is to succintly show that he doesn’t debate the difficult philosophical subjects because of a contemptious aloofness, but because he can’t.